2 Little Known But Totally Awesome Vacation Attractions in the Western States

When it comes time to begin planning vacations, most people are at a loss as to where they would like to go. So many tourists want to see beaches, national monuments and attractions in, or near, major cities. However, there are a number of attractions that are off the beaten track and something you might never dream of doing in a million years. Even when visiting some of the nation’s most famous cities, you’ll find interesting things to see and do that probably don’t make the travel guides but when you’ve seen them, you’ll wonder why. Here are two little known but totally awesome vacation attractions in the western states.


A Real Mystery Tour in San Jose, California

Who hasn’t heard of Winchester guns? The Winchester Mansion is a vacation tour that you’ll wonder why you’d never heard of it before. If traveling to California, be sure to stop in San Jose to see this amazing house built by the heiress to the Winchester fortune, Sara Winchester, and one she insisted never be finished. In her lifetime, it went on and on and on with a continual amount of additions, renovations and you name it!

From cupboards that open to the entire length of the house to doors that open to literally nowhere at all, staircases that simply stop for no reason and an assortment of secret passages, you could spend days looking at the mysteries contained in this 160 room mansion that boasts 40 different bedrooms and at least 10,000 panes of glass in windows. It’s a mystery spectacle for sure that took more than 38 years in the making.

ATV Tours Like You Can Only Imagine

Many people visit Utah to see the beautiful Salt Lake, the only of its kind in the interior region of the country. However, Utah holds a number of other delights as well. Many outdoor enthusiasts travel to this amazing state each year to enjoy some of the most exhilarating and breathtaking ATV tours of anywhere on earth. In Bryce Canyon City.

Bryce Canyon has been a national monument since 1923, as it has some of the most amazing natural topography of anywhere on earth. Early settlers to the area were amazed at the natural beauty of the landscape and that’s why in 1919 one man, Rueben C. Syrett, known as Ruby to his friends and family, petitioned the State of Utah to build a lodge there as a tourist rest stop. He got that permission and the rest, as they say, is history in Utah. Looking for a bit of excitement in the wilderness? This is where you’ll find it on those ATV tours through landscapes you can only begin to imagine. If you’re looking to have some offroad adventure elsewhere, check online for ‘side by side rentals near me‘ and go ahead with your plans.

These are just two of the ‘off the beaten path’ places out west you can visit on your next vacation, but a sampling of little known stops that you really should see at least once in a lifetime. Why settle for tourist traps that are all the same as the one before when there are a number of mysterious and natural places to visit that will give you something to literally write home about. This year, take a vacation out of the ordinary. Visit little known but totally awesome places out west and you’ll have memories to last you through the year. That’s what vacations are all about anyway, so enjoy!

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