3 Reasons To Visit Sorrento This Vacation

Sorrento is one of the most beautiful, scenic, and relaxing vacations in Italy. If you are looking for picturesque bays, great wine, fishing opportunities with these fishing equipments and a quiet time away from the hustle-bustle of life, this is the place to be. Cozy restaurants serving sumptuous meals are lined across this spot, making your travel more beautiful and relaxing.

Are you planning a trip to Sorrento this vacation? If not, check out our list of three reasons why Sorrento should be your next vacation spot.

The charm of old Sorrento

Old Sorrento should be the first place you visit upon arriving at your destination. There are plenty of Sorrento accommodations that are close to the old, pristine town. There are narrow paths leading to a beautiful atmosphere. The shops are colorful and the food is mouthwatering. Most buildings of historical value are found in this old town center. There is a convent, a church and a cloister located within the complex of San Francesco in this region. You can visit the beautiful Basilica of Sant’Antonino here.

Amalfi Coast

No trip to Sorrento is complete without visiting the Amalfi Coast. If there is something truly beautiful about the Italian coastline, it is the beautiful buildings along the sea. This contrasting view of nature’s beauty and man-made structures is so striking that it will need hours of observation to fully imbibes in your psyche. To get the best view of the Amalfi Coast, choose the Amalfi Drive. This drive can be completed on a rented car, presenting the most striking beauty in the world while you are driving through the winding roads. This is an experience that cannot be missed by anyone who enjoys nature’s beauty and loves the drama of the coastal beauty. A ferry ride will bring more thrilling and adventurous experiences your way. You can visit Ravello, Amalfi and Positano communities and spend a day there for more mesmerizing Italian experiences.

The exquisite Positano

If there is just one place you can visit in this region during your vacation, it should be Positano. The coastal community is so beautiful and exquisite that you may never want to go back home. There are day trips from Positano that could relieve your stress, give you a glimpse of history or simply allow you to bathe in the beauty of the Italian coastline. The most important day excursions include Pompeii, Naples, and Vesuvius.

The lost city of Pompeii is by far the most popular place to visit in this region. This ancient city was buried under the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, located close by. The spot is a UNESCO World Heritage Site providing a glimpse of advanced civilization in this region.

The second most beautiful attraction is undoubtedly Naples. The natural beauty of Campania region can be found in full glory in and around Naples. There are thermal pools, wellness destinations, saltwater pools and more to relax your mind and body. The restaurants in Naples are clearly the best in the region.

You can also take atrip around the scenic town of Capri. The options are endless and if you have at least a week to spend here, you can bet that you will go back home refreshed, taking a piece of Italian sunshine back with you.

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