4 Reasons to Fit a Genuine Scooter Bag

Mobility scooters allow even people suffering from serious mobility problems to leave the house and travel short distances by themselves. Of course, this usually ends up entailing trips to the shops or errands into town, and that tends to mean having to carry items around with you. Plenty of people use backpacks or attach bags they already own to their mobility scooters, but you should really pick up a bag specifically designed for your scooter instead, and here are just four reasons why.

  1. Safety

The biggest problem that comes with using any old bag when you’re riding your mobility scooter is poor safety. When filled with even a few items, that bag is going to carry quite a lot of weight. If it shifts when your mobility scooter turns, it’s possible the scooter will tip. Even if it doesn’t, the unexpected change in weight distribution could see you lose control, and having too much weight handled by one side of the scooter could damage underlying components.

  1. Protection

A genuine scooter bag will be made from material that is light but strong. Your items will be perfectly protected from wear, and water won’t be able to penetrate through the moisture-resistant surface. Since the bag will be designed with anchor points to fit around your scooter, the chance of it coming loose will be minimal.

  1. Spacious

Genuine mobility scooter bags are designed to fit around the body of your scooter, so they offer a surprising amount of space despite nestling closely against it. Whether you need to take a few bits or a couple of days shopping, you should find a bag that’s roomy enough to suit your own exact needs and wants.

  1. Stylish

You probably won’t see many mobility scooter bags advertised in Vogue, but they’re still more stylish than the alternative. That’s because they will have been made to fit with the style as well as the shape of your scooter. Instead of standing out, they’ll fit in and make your scooter look better.

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