4 Ways to Leave Your Worries Behind with Long-Term Travel

If you have the desire to travel the world, perhaps even the United States for many months at a time, you could end up fulfilling one of your life goals.


That being the case, what will you do with your possessions at home?

An even bigger question, are you contemplating the idea of selling your home or leaving your condo or apartment and putting your life in storage for a period of time?

In the event you feel like you need to get away for months at a time for travel, where to store your stuff, what to do for money, will your family and friends be accepting of your decision etc. are all things you will likely run over again and again.

So, will you leave your worries behind if long-term travel is your choice in the near future?

Execute the Perfect Plan to Travel for Months at a Time

If long-term travel is a given for you, keep in the mind the following four tips:

  1. Finances – Above all else, are you in the right financial position to up and travel for months at a time? Although you might think it won’t be as expensive as others tell you, you don’t want to get put in a financial quandary. The best thing to do is use the Internet several months out to get relatively current prices on airfare, hotels, food etc. in the areas you are planning to visit. Although prices obviously do change from day to day in some instances, at least you will have a general idea about what you can expect to pay for the most important needs. Lastly, make sure any major bills are up to date and/or you can easily pay them online while you are gone;
  2. Possessions – Unless you have a family member or friend to watch your place and possessions while you are gone, you have to come to a decision as to what to do with your stuff. Simply letting it sitting idly by in a residence for months at a time (without being checked on) while you’re gone is an invitation for problems. One option is to look at putting your possessions in self-storage. Whether that means going with storage units Louisiana or elsewhere in the country (depending of course on where you currently reside), be sure to check out different facilities. Considering the fact that not all self-storage facilities are created equal in size, customer service, security, and so on, it pays to do some research and find companies similar to Boombox Storage that can transport and store your belongings securely.

Get Packing Right the First Time Around

  1. Packing – If you’re going on an extended trip (one involving many months), you may be a tad perplexed as to what you need to take on your travels. Given this is more than just a little road trip, be sure to pack the right stuff. Most notably, make sure you have any necessary medications (not to mention a good supply of them). If you’re traveling outside the country, you do not want to get caught short of any needed meds. Also be sure to pack an emergency kit for car, and the right clothing, especially if you are likely to experience significant weather changes where you will be heading off to an extremely cold place.
  2. Work – Last but not least, what will you be doing to earn an income while you’re gone? If you are in your retirement years, that is really not a major issue to worry about. On the other hand, younger travelers deciding to get away from it all for months at a time better have some sort of financial setup in place to hold them over. One possibility is working while on the road in terms of freelance blogging etc. You could always write about your travels or do other online work that simply requires a computer and an Internet connection no matter where you are.

If long-term travels are on your itinerary, get planning and get going.

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