5 off-the-beaten-track activities in Phuket

It is no secret that Phuket is one of the most popular and most visited tourist destinations of Thailand, with endless things to see and do around the island. For those wanting to avoid the mass tourism and discover some of the island’s best-kept-secrets, here are 5 off-the-beaten track activities to do on Phuket Island. Book a private pool villa in Patong, Bang Tao or Surin for you and your loved ones to stay at and venture out, go explore – an amazing holiday awaits! 

  1. Street art of Phuket Town

Not many people know about the beautiful street art that is to be admired in Phuket town. Local artists went out and painted these huge colourful, creative murals on the buildings of little streets and alleyways around town, and they are simply really, really cool! Who says you need to go to a museum to see some amazing artwork? Head towards Deebuk Road in Phuket Town and stroll around. You can take some great photos and surely you will love seeing this side of Old Phuket Town.

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  1. Secret beaches only a few know about

For those wanting to escape the beaches with mass tourism, it is lucky that Phuket is quite a big island, completely surrounded by beautiful beaches so there are still lots of peaceful, desolate sandy shores found, perfect for swimming and relaxing. All you need to know is where to find them. Here are some perfect secret beaches, away from the crowds, loud music and banana boat rides, beaches to swim in azure blue water, sunbathe and chill beneath a coconut palm: 

  • Ao Sane: a 200-meter long white sand beach that is perfect for snorkelling. Big rocks are resting on the shore and this peaceful bay is surrounded by green hills, adding to the exclusive tranquil feel of Ao Sane. There are both sunny and shady spots and there is one charming bohemian-styled restaurant to get food and drinks.
  • Ao Yon: Ao Yon comprises two little bays, separated by a rocky headland. There are no facilities on the beach apart from one local warung to get a quick snack and some water. A great place to snooze beneath some leafy palm trees after dipping into the crystal clear water of the sea.
  • Banana Beach: a beach perfect like on the cover of a travel magazine is what Banana Beach is, and yet, it is perfectly quiet and peaceful due to its somewhat isolated location. A must-see!
  1. Radar Hill Viewpoint

It a bit of a challenge to get to this viewpoint of Phuket – all the more reason to get your hiking shoes on and go. Radar Hill is the highest viewpoint in all of Phuket and it is located on a military base, which is why this viewpoint is not visited by many tourists. On the way to the top, you will pass local villages and rubber plantations. Once up there, the air is fresh and the views of the ocean, the white sand beaches, and its lush green surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful!

  1. See Wat Kao Rang

Wat Kao Rang is the original big sitting Buddha statue of Phuket, built long before the famous white marble Buddha statue that everyone else goes to see. Wat Kao Rang is a huge golden Buddha statue that sparkles brightly in the sun as it sits peacefully on the slopes of Khao Rang Hill in Old Phuket Town. Go see this beauty!

  1. Bon Island

This pristine little island is just a short long-tail boat ride away from the mainland of southern Phuket, and yet once you are there, you might feel like Robinson Crusoe stranded on a tropical island surrounded by deep blue oceans apart from the facts that there is a lovely little local restaurant where you can get your coconuts and freshly caught seafood, of course, and you can easily visit the island on a day-trip – no need to be stuck there for months 🙂 There are some beautiful isolated beaches to explore, go and find out for yourself.

Written by Stephanie Peeters of Villa-Finder.com

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