5 UK Gardens and Landscapes You Can Visit from the Silver Screen

The UK is filled with several breathtaking locations that could transport you into a fantasyland or give you serious career goals. Whether it is the Wayne Manor from the Dark Knight series or the Durham Cathedral from Harry Potter series, you will find marvelous UK locations portrayed in brilliance on the silver screen.

But what about our gardens and landscapes? Let’s find out the most beautiful and spending gardens that have been featured in popular media with Suttons, retailers of vegetable seeds and UK landscape lovers.

The Dark Hedges, Game of Thrones

One of the most popular gardens in the list, the Dark Hedges is featured on Game of Thrones as the King’s Road. This is the path Arya took, dressed as a man, to escape the King’s Landing and reach the Night’s Watch. This impressive 18th-century beech tree landscape is situated in Northern Ireland on Bregagh Road. Ballymoney. This rural road, located close to the Giant’s Causeway.  This place is also voted one of the most beautiful places in the world by Architectural Digest magazine.

Stourhead, Pride, and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice introduced the world to Stourhead. This garden was first developed in 1740, but work couldn’t complete before 1780. If you are aware of the famous novel and 2005 production, you will recognize this as the place where Mr. Darcy proposed to Lizzie. The spectacular garden is often called a ‘living work of art.’ The lake in the center of the garden presents a magnificent look coupled with beautiful Spanish chestnut and beech trees. Spring brings a beautiful rendition of azaleas to the garden.

Alnwick Gardens, Harry Potter

The garden is prominently featured in the Harry Potter film series. In fact, the Alnwick Castle was transformed to Hogwarts. This is the same place you see students walking around and where Harry and his friends learn to fly their broomsticks. It features 200 different varieties of roses, especially the English Shrub Rose and the Christmas Rose. It also has several species of lilies, most beautiful of them being the Peruvian lily. For the adventure seekers, a Poison Garden is nestled here too, which contains a range of dangerous plants.

The Eden Project, Die Another Day

One of the most beautiful spaces in Cornwall, The Eden Project comes with two separate biomes of flora- the Mediterranean and the Rainforest. Home to the longest zip wire in the world, this garden became Gustav Graves’ Ice Palace and high-security lair in the Bond film, Die Another Day. You find at least 1000 varieties of plants here and even a spectacular waterfall. You will find beautiful trees, flowering plants and aloe and tulip plants too.

Aysgarth Falls, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

The place where Robin Hood fights Little John is located In Yorkshire Dales. There are three fantastic waterfalls that will blow your mind away. You can also move along River Ure and enjoy a peaceful walk. If you have time, move further to Caperby and Castle Bolton with blooming flowers in the region in summer and spring.












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