5 Weird Maybe Even Boring Things You Can do in London


Whilst London is a fantastic part of the world to visit, it isn’t somewhere that you can visit and rely on sunshine to have a good time. This means that you should look up other things to do (possibly inside) while you are there! Knowing what you want to do while you are on your trip helps to ensure that you make the most of your time away. The last thing you want to do is waste hours of each day trying to decide what to do.

See London In A New Way

If you visit London you’ll be bombarded with adverts, flyers and even people leafleting on the streets for bus tours. Whilst going around London on a open top bus is a fantastic way to see the sights, it isn’t the most exciting way you can see the city.

Why not look at ways in which you can go around the city in a new way. One great way is to spend time in a mini cooper and get driven from A to B (If you Google Mini London tours you’ll see lots of options). You could also just use every day buses to get around and save a fortune. The number 88 bus from Camden is a great choice to see the sights or you could take the number 11 from Westminster. These follow much of the proper bus tour routes without having to spend a fortune on a tour ticket.

Book A Posh Hotel

Why not book into a hotel and spend an evening relaxing. If you look at London hotels with Venere then you’ll see that there are all sorts of accommodation choices available to you. This is great news because it means that whatever you are looking for there will be something to suit you and your needs.


London is packed full of museums so it is well worth visiting at least one of them while you are there. However the popular ones are always busy so you could always try and stray away from these to see something different and unique. One great choice is the Florence Nightingale Museume next to Big Ben. It is packed full of history but is a hidden gem that not many people have heard of.

Go Shopping

London is great for shopping but you don’t have to stick to the likes of Oxford Street. Instead why not go somewhere like Greenwich Market. At the foot of the hill you’ll see loads of stalls offering a whole range of handmade goods and you can even pop along to the Greenwich Observatory while you are there.

Afternoon Tea

No trip to London is complete without tea and scones however some places charge large amounts to do this. Why not find a smaller hotel somewhere that offers afternoon tea at a discounted price. You’ll still get to experience the scone, clotted cream and jam taste sensation without the massive price tag attached to it.

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