6 important things to consider when getting married abroad

Many engaged couples like to spend a lot on each other. Couples may decide to splurge on a 2 carat cushion cut engagement ring, for example, but if you’re hoping to have a magical wedding, it’s important to plan and budget, especially if you dream of having a destination wedding. Getting married in a summer location such as Tuscany or Bali can guarantee you better weather and amazing photographs. It can even help you to avoid the massive guest list that many of us dread. However, there’s a lot to consider.

  1. Check the seasonal weather report

If you’re planning to get married in a sunny destination you’ll be forgiven for assuming that the weather will be good all year round. But climates can change throughout the year and hotter, tropical destinations often experience the most extreme weather. Before booking your wedding date make sure to check the seasonal wedding report. Nothing ruins a beach wedding more than a tropical storm!

  1. Hire a wedding planner

If you can afford it, then hiring a local wedding planner could be invaluable for keeping your wedding on track and your stress levels low. Trying to plan an event from another country can be a nightmare, especially when you have language barriers. A bilingual planner can help you with everything from sourcing decent local suppliers and caterers to liaising with the venue and even the registrar – ensuring that you get your dream day. Moreover, they can help you with accomplishing other wedding necessities like getting DC wedding photographers (if that is where you have planned your destination wedding), venue decorator, etc.

  1. Visit the venue before booking it

How many of us have booked a hotel or holiday home only to find it looks completely different on arrival? Imagine if that happened on your wedding day. Visiting beforehand can make sure that everything is as it appears in the photos and you’re happy with the venue and its location. Make sure the venue definitely serves food and drink too, or your guests are going to get hangry! If the venue doesn’t serve food and drink, consider hiring a wedding caterer and ordering a drinks delivery service similar to this booze delivery in Denver. This way, you’ll be absolultey sure that you and your guests will be fed and refreshed. It’s also useful to make the journey beforehand to find out if it’ll be easy for guests to travel to.

  1. Plan for your wedding dress

Some brides spend their whole lives dreaming about their perfect wedding dress, but how many thought about how they’ll transport it? Depending on the dress you choose you may need to send it to the venue ahead of time or even book a seat for it on the plane.

  1. Let guests know the details ASAP

It’s important to let your guests know the details of your wedding as early as possible. The sooner you let your friends and family know the details, the more likely it is they’ll be able to make it. Once you’ve booked the venue and decided on the details we recommend using one of these save the date templates to create personalised reminders well ahead of time.

  1. Anticipate a lot of questions

Finally, as anyone who has ever booked a group holiday will know, you’re bound to receive a lot of questions from guests. You can expect questions about flights, travel from the airport to the venue and local accommodation. We recommend that you anticipate these ahead of time and put together a document to email or post to guests with advice about travel, accommodation, and recommendations for the local area. And get ready to field a lot of calls!

There’s a lot to remember when booking your wedding abroad, but it’ll be worth it. Get ready to enjoy the best day of your life, in a beautiful location, surrounded by friends and family.