9 Absolutely Crazy Things to do in Amsterdam


If you’re reading this article you’ve probably spent a considerable amount of time trawling through the internet reading posts that only ever seem to talk about the red light district and many coffee shops that grace the streets of Amsterdam, right? Well, I know all too well how much of a bad impression all that can give, and to be honest with you, that’s only a very small element of Dutch culture anyway. So, I’ll refrain from mentioning it again as I know lots of other reasons why you should visit Holland if you have a few days to spare. Not that it’s an awful reason to visit – many enjoy getting their heavy hitch on in these kinds of places – but other options should be allowed to be discussed.

Besides, these days the primary reason for people to go to Amsterdam seems to be in or the other way related to cannabis. According to this post by Unwinnable, and many others like it scattered across the internet, there has been somewhat of a cultural revolution regarding cannabis lately. There’s a big push for legalization across the world, and the example people point to is Amsterdam. But the city is more than that, obviously, so while Cannabis Cafes are a part of this list, there’s a bunch of other things too that you can do. Maybe you can even do them while you’re high.

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  1. Vrolik Museum. So long as you’ve not got any kids in tow (because they’ll be terrified) the Vrolik Museum of human body parts is a fantastically weird way to spend your day. Still, if like Karl Pilkingtonyou enjoy looking at odd things, you’ll definitely love it.

  1. Palazzo. Ever get bored with paying over 100 for top-class meals in restaurants where you could hear a pin drop? Well, you’re in for a treat at Palazzo. Admittedly the food is expensive (yet still worth it), but the entertainment is what makes this place, with acrobatics and high-energy comedy and magic shows every night.

  1. Flirting Workshop. Yes you read that correctly, Amsterdam is one of the very few cities in the world where visitors are invited to earn an official qualification in flirting. So, if you’re skills are lacking somewhat in that department, you’re in for a real treat.

  1. Pitch Black Dining. For the truly adventurous foodie, why not try booking a table at one of Amsterdams “in the dark” restaurants where you’ll need to put complete trust in your chef, as food is impossible to see.

  1. Weekend Skating. If you miss the roller discos of the 1970s, why not spend a Friday evening skating through the streets of Amsterdam. Tours start from Vondelpark beach every weekend and last for around 3 hours – it’s a great way to meet new people.

  1. Electric Ladyland. Art lovers from around the world have dubbed this museum the most eccentric in existence. Specialising in fluorescent art, you certainly won’t want to forget your sunglasses.

  1. Cannabis Cafes. Love cannabis? Well, according to Bozeman Magazine, Amsterdam is one of the few countries that is part of cannabis tourism. You can have cannabis products at cafes and bars (however, it is still illegal to use in public) and enjoy the unique experience.

  1. Pedalo Treasure Hunts. Most people don’t realise this, but you don’t have to pay for a standard boat tour to travel through the canals of Amsterdam – you can hire your very own pedalo. To make things a little more interesting, local businesses often arrange treasure hunts that help to stop visitors from missing out on some of the most beautiful areas.

  1. Jump On A Bus – Get Driven Into A Canal. By far the strangest experience on this list. Amsterdam is home to one of the world’s only fully operational splash busses in the world. From the outside it looks like a standard single decker bus, that is until you reach a canal ramp and simply drives straight in. Admittedly this bus has some sway that can seem rather worrying, but I’ve been assured by the driver that it’s completely safe – it certainly feels strange though.

As we’ve now reached the end of our little journey through some of the most crazy things you can do whilst visiting Amsterdam, I’m left with nothing more to say but; have a brilliant time!

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