The Advantages of Staying in a Holiday Cottage over a Hotel

With all the tools available to the modern day traveller, such as the likes of Google maps and online accommodation booking platforms, it’s very hard to even try and imagine how travellers did it back in the day. Just how on earth did they manage to travel and travel safely, enjoying their trips to the point that they actually did this travelling frequently?

If you’re a traveller yourself then you might be asking yourself the same thing, but then the traveller’s spirit in you will probably come with the answer that a traveller just somehow always finds a way to make that next trip happen. They in a sense need it as much as they need the oxygen to breathe in order to stay alive, so the likes of Google maps would have been preceded by what would have likely been a rather expensive map book which is susceptible to the geopolitical changes that account for the dynamic names of the places of the world. Travel agencies perhaps played a much more prominent role than the manner in which they operate today, so instead of booking your flight, airport shuttle service (which can be opted for by looking up keywords similar to “limousine Red Deer” on the Web), and accommodation online like you probably do today, you might have had to make an appointment with a travel agent whose offices you’d have had to visit physically.

So, all of that said, the argument of choosing to stay in a holiday cottage over a hotel just cannot help but pop up again, with many a traveller somehow still needing to be convinced of the holiday cottage perhaps making for a better choice than a traditional hotel.

This discussion was kick-started by first shining a spotlight on the fact that most of our bookings are done online for a reason and that reason is indeed that online booking platforms allow one to compare all the amenities they get with the accommodation they’re booking without having to go on the word of the service provider or the travel agent. You can see for yourself, often with pictures, just exactly what you’re booking. It’s so easy to go online and look at these villas in paros, for example, that you can almost imagine yourself there just by looking at the photos. Villas, cottages and apartments typically have more to offer than a simple hotel room, so photos can be useful to identify the best accommodation for you.

Some people may also be concerned about the cleanliness of a holiday cottage over a hotel. However, many people who offer villas as vacation property would be likely to maintain these cottages impeccably. When one thinks of a holiday cottage, they may envision a warm and cozy atmosphere with plush furniture and a quiet, tranquil environment. To bring this vision to life, the owners may hire carpet and Upholstery Cleaning services to ensure a comfortable, clean, and hygienic environment that you can enjoy during your vacation.

In the typical comparison of the amenities and advantages offered by one form of accommodation over another, or even if you’re comparing the same type of accommodation (hotel versus hotel or holiday cottage versus holiday cottage), it very quickly becomes apparent that the traditional hotel is not quite the pinnacle of holiday accommodation in Wales it once was.

Hotels often have a big staff whose salaries they have to pay, which makes them that much more expensive by default, but when you compare a hotel with a room in a holiday cottage or with an entire holiday cottage (in the case of those which can be rented out completely), it soon becomes apparent that you get way more bang for your buck staying in a holiday cottage. Amenities in any holiday cottage available for rent today can often match those offered by the biggest of chain hotels, except with more of a personal touch perhaps and often at less than half of the price.

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