Awesome Things to Do When You Visit Hobart Tasmania

The best places in the world are usually the ones that have both a city’s history and modernity in view. Countries like Malaysia have seamlessly blended their contemporary architecture with those that have a historical significance in their history. To see that kind of combination just gives a city some texture, one that is so beautiful to look at. But do you know where else you can find this? In Tasmania, Australia, there is a place where history and modern charm is oozing in every street and in every building — Tasmania’s capital city, Hobart.

When you think of Australia, Hobart is not exactly at the top of your list. However, Hobart’s grim, yet rich history makes it a must-visit place in Australia. It used to be a penal colony where convicts were sent to do years of hard labour. Today, Hobart’s architecture tied to that history, its museums, and the contemporary conveniences people enjoy have made it one of the most attractive places to visit.

You might get a little giddy when you see this list of things you can do in the city. You can even make a day of it and book a DriveNow car hire in Hobart and take a road trip if you want.

Climb up Mount Wellington

The city of Hobart is at the foot of Mount Wellington, so it will only take you a few minutes to drive to get to the path. You may choose to hike, use your mountain bike, or if you prefer something not as strenuous, you can just do a walk along the path up Mount Wellington. For the adventurous, you can scale the summit, about 1300 meters to the top of the mountain, and treat yourself to a view of Hobart and Derwent Valley.

St. David’s Park

St. David’s Park in Hobart, Tasmania, is a stunning spot where you can spend a relaxing day immersed in nature. What’s even better is that you can bring your furry friends along, making it a great outing for the whole family. Make sure to pack their favorite food, like these BARF diet eats, and plenty of water to keep them hydrated. Don’t forget essential supplies like waste bags and leashes too. Their comfort and well-being should be a top priority during your adventure.

Get a beer at Battery Point

Who does not like a good pint of beer, right? At Salamanca, there is an architectural landmark called Kelly’s Steps which is 175 years old. Walk those steps to Battery Point where you will be led to some of the most amazing sandstone mansions and colonial cottages. It even has a magnificent river view. Look for Shipwrights Arms or Hotel where you can get the perfect pint of local beers and a unique pub experience.

Go out for a cruise

Hobart is not just about the architecture, there is a pristine coastline surrounding Tasmania. You can choose to go on a kayak tour to explore 300 offshore islands for half the day or the whole day. You can even take an even longer kayak tour, for 3 or 7 days, through the Roaring 40 s Kayaking. Or, for something more relaxed, go on a boat cruise with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys where you can see rock formations and wildlife.

Visit establishments at Salamanca Place

Salamanca Place consists of sandstone warehouses and other examples of Australian architecture. Here you will find countless boutique shops and cafes that provide visitors with unique finds, novelty items, and delectable meals. While here, do not miss out on the 300-stall Saturday Salamanca Market that offers lots of bargains, from produce to art pieces.

Explore the outskirts

Tasmania has some of the richest and most unique wildlife in the world. For those who would like to explore this vast land, they could hire vehicles in Hobart airport from LeisureRent or other similar providers and drive further inland. Wellington Park and Pitt Water Natural Reserve are just a few of the options worth exploring.

In conclusion, if you are planning a trip to Australia, go on and visit the historic city of Hobart, Tasmania. You will definitely be treated to a unique Aussie vacation, where old-world charm and modern glamour blend well together.

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