Battle in the Back Seat: Boredom Busting Apps for Restless Teen Passengers

Some people might think you’re crazy to go on a road trip with your teenage children, but it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it might sound, in fact it can be a whole lot of fun, so long as your restless teens relax and have fun at the same time.

Chat With Friends

Instagram is currently the most popular social media app among tweens and teens. It allows them to share photos and short videos. It’s very user-friendly and has good privacy. It’s also a great way for you kids to share pictures of their journey and will help pass the time on their road trip. You could even get them to take the weirdest pictures they can and see if their friends can guess where they are.

Color Away the Miles

If you have young teens or tweens who like to color, the Mandala coloring app will keep them occupied for a while. It has tons of images, some more complex than others, of people, places, animals, birds, flowers and geometric designs, all of which can be colored with the touch of a finger using the 25 color pallets. When a design is complete effects can be added and your kids can share their pictures with friends and family. You can find it on Google Play.

Stimulate Your Brain

With Babble, kids can practice speaking a foreign language or learn a new one while they travel. They can choose from French, Italian, German, Norwegian, Indonesian, Spanish, Danish, Turkish, Dutch, and Swedish. It’s an easy to use interface where users must match the correct foreign phrase with the English one to hear it pronounced.

Play a Fun Game

Plants vs. Zombies game has been trending with tweens and teens for some time now. The player has to stop a wave of zombies from reaching their house by placing a variety of plants in their laws to fight off the walking dead. A fun, silly story with crazy characters makes this game addictive. Kids will be absorbed with this for hours. Alternatively, they could consider downloading sega saturn roms to their computer instead. This would allow them to play that classic video game from their computer. Hopefully, that will entertain some children for the journey.

Play With Friends

If your kids love to play Scrabble, they will love Words With Friends, especially because you can take it wherever you go and play with friends wherever they are. This word game is very similar to scrabble with two players. Each player is given a number of letter tiles and takes it in turn to spell words out on the board. Play is pretty casual, so if both players are online, the game will be fast, If not, then players will have to wait for their opponent to take their turn. Multiple games may be played simultaneously. It’s probably one of the best word games around.

These apps can help your teens and keep boredom at bay even on a long road trip. Don’t forget to make sure they all have earbuds so they don’t disturb each other with what they’re listening to.

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