The Best African Adventure Activities

When it comes to travelling – we all know that I love a bit of adventure – and where on earth could be more adventurous than Africa? While most people picture open plains filled to the brim with wildlife and luxury safari camps, we shouldn’t discount the fact that Africa is an adventure sport mecca.


Having adventure experiences in Africa doesn’t mean that you have to skip the romantic parts and you can certainly still go on the safari that you always dreamed of. This is due to the fact that the spots where you take on these adrenaline boosting activities are generally right in, or very close to, the best tourist spots. Just remember to be prepared with all the travel necessities such as rental cars, buses or simply having a plan through a company like on hand.

So, here are some of my favourite adventure activities to do in Africa:

White water rafting, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

When it comes to adventure tourism, you don’t get much better than the small town of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. While the area is known for the widest waterfall in world – Victoria Falls – which is a natural world wonder, the town is also known for the plethora of adventure activities on offer.

My personal favourite is the white water rafting down the mighty Zambezi River. The course is made up of grade five rapids – the biggest rapids in the world that can be taken on by non-professionals. There’s a whole lot more to do in the town though: bungee jump off the famous Victoria Falls Bridge, speed boat on the river, or take on the gorge swing across the canyon.

Bungee Jump, Blauwkrans Bridge, South Africa

If you are looking for the ultimate bungee jumping experience, then Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa is where you need to get to. At more than 200 metres high – it is the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. You are unlikely to experience a jump that produces this amount of adrenaline anywhere else in the world.

Not too far away in the small town of Gansbaai, there is another activity that you should try out while you are in the country. The seas of South Africa are known for some of the best shark cage diving in the world, and if getting into the water with the oceans most awesome predator isn’t enough to get your adrenaline going then I don’t know what will.

Desert safaris, Namibia

Namibia is a different kettle of fish altogether and you are unlikely to get these kind of experiences anywhere else in Africa. Their desert safaris are not just adrenaline pumping but also steeped in unbelievable natural beauty. Take a tour in a 4 x 4 vehicle across the Namib Desert, sand board down some of the world’s biggest dunes, kayak down seasonal rivers and see some of Africa’s iconic wildlife at the same time. Namibia is certainly a destination for the adventurous at heart.

Travelling to Africa is an experience that will stay in your heart forever, and you will want to come back time and again.

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