Cocktail Bars You Simply Have To Try

There’s just something special about ordering a cocktail. Sure, an ice cold beer can hit the spot, and an excellent red can tantalise the tastebuds, but there can be something too everyday, too ordinary about beer and wine. There are so many bars out there that serve amazing cocktails, for instance, people who are away for the weekend or on a mini trip, will search for the best cocktail bars in Dallas, for example, to see the best places to go so they can have a great time. It works for practically everywhere as we all love a cocktail!


Cocktails on the other hand, they can be something very special indeed. Whether it’s a classic cocktail made by expert hands, or an exquisite creation that simply shimmers on the palate, cocktails can transform an ordinary evening into an extraordinary one and if you are looking to try some great cocktails then you may also need to procure something like a fake ID from somewhere like, for example if you were not quite as old as your friends who were going out for cocktails.

Looking for some great cocktail bars in Singapore? There are some truly gorgeous cocktail bars around Singapore, each offering something different. So, if you’re searching for some inspiration for your next evening out, here are some cocktail bars you simply must try.

The Landing Point

Combining the glamour of the 1920s with the elegance of a chic, modern bar, The Landing Point has become a favourite for after-work drinks in Singapore.

Situated within the elegantly sophisticated Fullerton Bay Hotel, this beautiful bar not only provides an exceptional range of drinks, it also provides the perfect spot to catch the sunset, looking out onto the spectacular Marina Bay waterfront and Singapore city skyline.

Aside from its cool, chilled-out atmosphere – often accompanied by tinkling of the ivories from its resident pianist – there is plenty to set The Landing Point apart from other run-of-the-mill cocktail bars. Like, they smoke their own vodka and make their own tonic – from scratch.

The resident mixologist also designs all cocktails to work with Singapore’s tropical climate. The Millionaires Club Cocktail, an artisanal concoction of smoked Vodka, blackcurrant, grapes, orange bitters liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice and house-made basil syrup, is one of The Landing Point’s signature cocktails.

For cocktail connoisseurs everywhere, this is most definitely the place to be.

The Library

Sticking with the 1920s theme, The Library radiates speakeasy allure. To gain entry to this hidden bar, you need to make your way past the misleading façade – a pop-up shop that can be anything from a tailor to a barber – and provide a password that changes weekly. Pop-ups like these have become pretty popular becauase of what they represent, at any time they can vanish so get in while you can! There are a myriad of different pop-ups that are dotted all over, including restaurants that use resources such as to get the structures they need.

From there, you step through a slightly disorientating mirrored holding-room, into a cosy 55-seater that is straight out of the Prohibition era. Think wall-to-wall bottles lining the area behind the bar, a shadowy atmosphere, and jazz oozing its way out of the speakers.

As for the cocktails, these are playful and full of whimsy. Check out the Bloody Andy, made with horseradish-infused vodka and roasted tomato and yellow pepper juice, decorated Andy Warhol pop-art style with fruit and vegetables.

To find out more, you’ll just have to make your way there yourself. And the password? Check out the bar’s Facebook page or head to The Library’s sister restaurant, The Study, next door.

Smoke & Mirrors

Playing on mystery and magic, Smoke & Mirrors is another one of Singapore’s popular cocktail bars that is a destination in itself. Aside from its incredible views of the Padang and Marina Bay, the bar offers an oh-so-cool space to relax and enjoy drinks after work.

Intimately lit, this bar is furnished in warm woods and copper tones, with an excellent selection of carefully curated wines, whiskeys, craft and draft beers, alongside a superb range of signature cocktails. Sit back and enjoy the laid-back beats, the delectable treats and of course, the sumptuous cocktails.


Set within Swissotel The Stamford, Anti:dote is a bar that takes its cocktails very seriously indeed. With its recently-released all-new menu of handcrafted cocktails concocted by Head Craftsman, Gina Kent, this is a great place to go to enjoy outstanding tipples.

Each of the bar’s new cocktails is paired with innovative tapas highlights, presented by Head Chef Tryson Quek. And if that’s not enough, each cocktail even has its own backstory, with highlights that include The Tragedy of Tom Dooley, Seger Seelbach, and the refreshing Aqua Fresca.

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