European destinations that give you adrenaline gushing joy

The thick Black Forest of Germany is the paradise for hikers with the valleys of the Rhine and Danube creating beautiful boundaries for the forest. It also consists of the oldest German ski area of Todtnau and to get rid of any kind of tiredness if you get some; there are spa facilities at Baden-Baden. Considered the gateway to the Black Forest, Schauinsland is another beautiful mountainous place that would mesmerize you with its picture-perfect scenery. Above Freiburg im Breisgau are the remains of three castles and hiking all the way there would take you through such picturesque places that you won’t even realize that you would be climbing up. The waterway of the Rhine is another joyous destination that you must include in your Europe holiday package. From Germany to the Netherlands, it would take you through such stunning views of castles and some amazing scenic places that you won’t realize when you moved to another beautiful country.


Hiking in Hoge Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands is one of the activities you must go for on your Europe tour. From dense woodlands to the easy-on-body scenic vista, you would get whatever you want in the park. The place was used as a hunting reserve earlier and you can still find red and roe deer in the park. Bird watching is also a quite popular activity in the park and if you have a love for biking, there are facilities for that as well. The country is also known for some extreme sports and whether it is power boating at Scheveningen or parachute jumping at Texel, you have numerous joys to have in the Netherlands. If you’re wondering what could be other places to visit or activities to cherish, a Netherlands travel guide or a similar source of information could help you by providing information on everything from attractions and restaurants to nightlife and shopping.

Though Belgium is known for its architectural marvels and buildings that tell the stories of tumultuous history, there are a few places that the adventure lover in you would love to go. The lush green Semois Valley in the country is a paradise for hikers and even those that are less inclined towards adventurous activities, they can enjoy the beauty of the forest on a boat; the River Semois washes the thick forest in the hills. The place must be made integral to your Europe tour package. There are numerous other activities that can pump your adrenaline while being in Belgium including skiing, mountain biking, and underground exploration.

When such joyous places are there for you to indulge in, let your senses have some pleasures. As for creating a Europe package that best suits you, SOTC is there at your service.

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