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The colonization in America can be traced back to 1492. This is the period when the famous Christopher Columbus landed on the American soil. He is credited with giving the continent its name America.

While there were several colonizers in America, the British were the most significant. British colonization in America started in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia and with time spread across other parts of America. When they left America, the British left behind a rich history that today forms the better part of tourist attractions in America. Today, the focus is on tourist adventures in the colonial State of Maryland.

Maryland, USA


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Maryland’s recorded history dates back to when Europeans, like John Cabot, started exploring the region around the year 1498. The colony of Maryland would later be established in 1633, by Lord Baltimore and named for Queen Henriett Maria.

A port colony, well-known for shipbuilding and agriculture, Maryland’s premier settlement and capital was St. Mary’s City, located to the Southern end of St. Mary’s County. Today, St Mary’s City is an expansive, state-run historic area that features:

  • A reconstruction of the original colonial settlement
  • A living history area
  • A museum complex – Historic St. Mary’s City

The first Europeans settlements were established in 1634. This is the period when the English arrived in large numbers and pitched a permanent colony. Maryland economy was founded on tobacco as a commercial crop, cultivated mainly by African slave labor.

Originally referred to as the Province of Maryland, the colony combined forces with the other 12 American colonies in the fight against Great Britain in the American Revolution. It would then become the U.S. State of Maryland in 1776.

Today, Maryland is one of the leading tourist destinations in America where you can find many historical attractions and adventures that you’ll remember for years to come. Maryland has many other cities and attractions like Ocean City with world-class accommodation facilities, like Princess Royale.

Exploring Maryland’s Colonial Past

The State of Maryland brims with colonial history and below are some of the places you can visit to get the feel of British colonization of America.

  • Historic St. Mary’s City

Being Maryland’s first colonial settlement and capital, the historic St. Mary’s City offers you the opportunity to explore the area’s colonial past in many ways. These include the reconstructed 1676 State House, Smith’s Ordinary, as well as the Godiah Spray Tobacco Plantation. All these tell a unique story of what was known as the Colony of Maryland. This amazing tourist destination is situated off Route 5 in Southern Maryland.

  • Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum

This is a 544-acre park strategically located on the Patuxent River and St. Leonard Creek. Located in Culvert County, The Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum is home to a state history as well as the archeological museum. If you want to explore the changing environment and cultures of the Chesapeake Bay area over the last 12,000 years, consider visiting this place.

The Maryland Historical Society

The main role of The Maryland Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and interpret materials and objects reflecting the region’s historic past, including the colonial times.

Maryland was one of the first 13 American colonies, and therefore offers a great glimpse into America’s colonial past. Mansions, public buildings, and museums in Maryland trace the region’s role in the History of America from the colonial era and the Revolutionary War that characterized the 20th Century. If you‘re looking for fun historical adventures in this part of the world, then Maryland should be your next destination.

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