Fantastic Festivals and Cultural Events in New Zealand

Anyone visiting New Zealand or heading there to live is going to find a fantastically welcoming country which offers a huge amount of interesting things to do. From adventure sports in incredible settings to unbelievable panoramic views, this country has a lot to offer.


Apart from the natural splendour to experience and the many Takapuna Businesses to shop with, there are also some great festivals here that are well worth checking out too. The following are some of the best ones that you might want to visit while you are here.

New Zealand Festival

This biannual event is one of many cultural events to take place in the cool capital city of Wellington. It runs from February through to March and includes the likes of theatre, dance, music and visual arts among the performances to by enjoyed.

The event took place in 2016, meaning that 2018 and 2020 are the next planned festivals. If you want to check out the quirky and interesting capital of New Zealand then this event gives you the perfect chance to do so.

The Documentary Edge International Film Festival

You shouldn’t really need an excuse to visit the marvellous city of Auckland. If you do then the country’s largest documentary film festival could be the reason you need to visit New Zealand’s biggest city.

The event runs in June and has been going strong for over a decade. Many of the country’s new immigrants end up living in this city, so it is well worth taking a look round it if emigrating to New Zealand from the UK is something that could be in your future plans.

Wellington Jazz Festival

If you love jazz then June is the time to head to the pretty city of Wellington for a terrific musical festival. It has the slogan “100 gigs in 5 days”, showing how much top class music is crammed into this relatively short event.

Jazz artists flock here from all round the world to play in this cool event. Don’t forget that June is winter in New Zealand, so if you want to see what the capital looks like at this time of year then why not do so to the delightful sound of jazz music?

Waiheke Winter Arts Festival

Art lovers will find a lot to keep them happy on Waiheke Island in Auckland at the start of June. This is a pretty island just a short trip away from central Auckland that is also home to a great winter arts event not to be missed.

This is a chance to visit a lovely place while visiting dozens of art studios and galleries at the same time. Intimate events, auctions and live music all help to make this an interesting festival that is well worth visiting.

Queenstown Winter Festival

Queenstown is a stunning town is New Zealand that is home to arguably the country’s best winter festival. It starts at the end of June and usually runs into the start of July.

Lots of visitors head to Queensland for this 10 day event, with street parties, comedy and fireworks to keep them entertained. As for Queenstown itself, this town is well known for being an adventure sports base and for offering easy access to some lovely vineyards.

Bluff Oyster and Food Festival

This unpretentious festival gives you every reason to visit the wonderful seaside town of Bluff on the South Island. This place is referred to as the southernmost town in the county.

A trip down here to sample the local oysters in this May festival is well worth the effort. There is a lot of natural beauty in this part of New Zealand and this event could help you to find a base from which to see it all.

Auckland Festival of Photography

We finish up back in wonderful Auckland, where we can see that this city hosts an interesting photography festival in June. This is the only event of this type in the country and, as such, is a big deal for amateur photography buffs and professionals in New Zealand.

Like many of the best festivals and events here is a friendly and low-key affair. Entry is free and you might just see something that really takes your breath away.

New Zealand is a fantastic country to spend some time in, for a great number of reasons. One of those reasons is the quality and quantity of events worth going to every year. If you are looking for jobs in New Zealand in order to move here then you will find a lot to occupy your free time once you arrive.

Whether you love music, art, comedy or something else, you are sure to find activities here that keep you happy.

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