Few things to keep in mind before traveling with e-cigs on a vacation

We’re halfway through 2018 and the travel season is all set to come again. You will soon start your email notifications get flooded by mails with offers from flight companies which plan to give you the best deals on international and domestic trips. Now that you’re all set to go on for a long-deserved vacation, you wouldn’t forget to take your vape pen. Given the fact that the vape pens are extremely portable, why would you even consider leaving them back when you’re on your vacation?

So, while you pack your bags for the dream destination, do take your vape along with you. Now that you can get the best vape kits for traveling at www.buyv2cigs.co.uk/vape-kits/, what are you waiting for? Are you considering whether or not you will be allowed to carry a vape pen with you while traveling? Here are few things to keep in mind.

  • Flights allow vape pens

Few of the major carriers let you carry vape pens on board the flight but the only fact is that you have to carry the vape pen in your carry-on luggage rather than the check-in luggage. This is why you may want to invest in a pod kit since it is more compact and may fit in a carry-on bag easier. You can also use a vaporizer, which is also a device used for vaping. Vape pens and vaporizers are terms that are used interchangeably. For example, Pax 3 is a vaporizer and you can check its review at https://theemeraldmagazine.com/healthier-hits-a-review-of-the-pax-3/.

  • Take out the batteries, in case that is possible

Are you going to get checked while you enter the security gate? If answered yes, you will be told to remove the vape pen batteries. If you consider majority of the ivape devices, this is not possible. But with the bigger mods, you have to make sure you keep the atomizers and tanks separate before boarding the plane.

  • Empty any remaining liquid

If there’s any liquid which remains in the tank, you should empty the tank much before you board the flight. If you don’t do that, you can keep e-liquids inside the check-in luggage. Put it inside the plastic bag in order to avoid any kind of leakage. Use a bubble wrap, in case it is a glass bottle. Make sure you don’t carry more than 100 ml of e-liquid, that too which is wrapped inside plastic to avert any kind of leakage.

  • Vaping on plane is not allowed

Having learned what to do and what not to do, you might be looking for a good vaporizer to accompany your vacation. You can look at reviews or find articles on the internet (such as How to Choose a High End Vaporizer) that can give you a good idea on the type of vape pen you should buy. Also, one shouldn’t ever vape on plane as airplanes have smoke alarms and a little bit of vapor near the alarm will wreak havoc on your vacation plans. Hence, you just have to be patient enough to wait for the right time to vape.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of carrying your vape pen while traveling, make sure you keep the above mentioned things in mind.

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