Located in the north of Vancouver, British Columbia, the town of Whistler is a really popular ski resort town in Canada. In fact, Whistler Blackcomb is one of the largest ski resort in the whole of North America, which makes it a hugely popular tourist destination during the winter. With its two breathtaking mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, this place offers a plethora of winter activities for you to take part in. The town has over 200 shops, 150 restaurants and bars, spas and an array of Whistler cabin rentals where you can hole up during the winter days, exploring and enjoying all the activities it has in store for you. From skiing to snowboarding to snowshoeing to ski jumping, Whistler has it all – and there are five winter activities which you must try when you come to spend your vacation in Whistler.

1. Skiing and snowboarding

Skiing or snowboarding at one of the mountains of Whistler is truly a dream come true for a skier. You’ll get to ski through over 8,000 acres of snow covered slopes, three glaciers and sixteen alpine bowls while enjoying the ultimate big mountain experience. There are over 200 marked trails on the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, and skiing or snowboarding through any one of them will surely be a life changing experience. Then, when you finish your snow day, you can warm up in one of Whistlers famous happy-hour bars! Getting involved in the whistler happy hour is a great way to bond with your family and friends after a long day on the slopes.

2. Dog sledding

Dog sledging is another winter activity which you must try out while you are in Whistler. Ride on a traditional dog sledge pulled by some loveable Alaskan Racing Huskies, and cruise through the beautiful forest of the Callaghan Valley. Learn all about this amazing Canadian sport from your professional dog sledge musher. You’ll also get to learn some of the commands and the basics of driving your own dog sledge.

3. Snowmobile tour

Going on a snowmobile tour is one of the most unique experiences you can gather during the winter in Whistler. Enjoy a thrilling ride on a snowmobile along with your family through the beautiful backcountry of Whistler. However, as a precaution, if you are going on your first snowmobile ride, you may want to bring a Polaris snowmobile manual with you. It may provide inexperienced users with the ability to fix their vehicle to the best of their potential, or at least the ability to diagnose the snowmobile before needing to take it to a garage. The reason is you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a snowmobile ride where there aren’t likely to be any snowmobile service mechanics. Anyway, if you are looking for a more adventurous ride, you can also go for the much more advanced and thrilling backcountry powder riding on your snowmobile.

4. Snowshoeing

One of the more leisurely winter activity which you can find in Whistler is snowshoeing. Snowshoeing holds a great place in Canada’s history. The usage of snowshoes began in this region as many of the First Nations people and settlers started to use snowshoes during the long winter months that Canada experiences. Today’s snowshoes, although looks nothing like them, still they are a reminder of the age old history of this country. Wear the modified, modern versions of these history-rich snowshoes, and embark on a scenic walk through the snow covered old growth forests. For a bit more challenging walk, you can go for the various trekking trails through the backcountry.

5. Bobsleigh Ride

This is one of the most unique, exciting and adventurous things you can do in Whistler. The Bobsleigh track built during the 2010 Winter Olympics has been made open for visitors now. So now you can experience the thrill of this high-speed Olympic sport for yourself. Your ride will begin with an orientation, helmet fitting, track etiquette and safety guidelines lessons. Go for a mock run, and then you’ll get to meet the Whistler Sliding Centre Track Crew Walk through the final security and safety checks and then off you go! A professional pilot will guide you during your ride. Enjoy the adrenalin rush as you reach a speed of nearly 125 km/hr. while you approach the final corner. This experience is truly unique to Whistler, and if you have the courage, then you really must try this thrilling ride during your winter vacation to Whistler.

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