Five ways to cut costs on your summer holiday abroad

If you want to get away this summer, whilst avoiding paying over the odds then you need to check out these money-saving tips pulled together by My Voucher Codes:

Choose your dates wisely

When you look at booking a holiday, the first thing to consider is when you want to go. Picking the dates you travel wisely can help families save a small fortune. Families that have children who are not yet of school age should look at travelling outside of term times, however, even for families with school-age children savings can be made by choosing to visit a place off-peak as often this costs considerably less.

Plan the holiday yourself

Although money can be saved when booking package holidays, often the best way to save money is to plan the holiday yourself. Booking early can really help secure the best price for your holiday and choosing flights with stops or layovers and which happen mid-week are all areas where you can save money. When going on holiday as a group consider renting an apartment or villa, as often these can work out cheaper than hotels, and look to stay just outside of the most popular tourist spots.

Make use of comparison sites

Nowadays there are hundreds of comparisons sites for every aspect of your life. When booking a holiday you can find comparisons sites for flights, accommodation, airport parking deals and travel money. Although it will mean a lot of time sat at a computer doing research there is a lot of money to be saved.

Take what you can with you

Most people know that the cost of something is directly affected by the demand there is for that product. That’s why food and drink is so expensive to purchase when you have passed through security and are stuck browsing the shops waiting for your flight and even more so when you are on your flight. Putting snacks in your hand luggage can help stave off hunger pains and, although you can’t take liquids through security, you can take an empty water bottle to fill up once you have cleared security.

Make sure you are covered

While no one wants to contemplate mishaps during a holiday, being prepared for the unexpected can ultimately save you money and stress. Opting to pay for expenses with your credit card provides protection under ‘section 75’ of the Consumer Credit Act, offering recourse if problems arise. Additionally, investing in travel insurance that includes cancellation coverage can ensure reimbursement in case of flight disruptions. Equally crucial is securing health insurance before embarking on your journey. It can provide financial protection and access to quality healthcare services should unexpected medical issues arise during your trip. If you haven’t arranged this in advance, consider seeking assistance from reputable health insurance brokers jacksonville fl, or professionals of equivalent expertise in your region to address this vital matter.

Bonus Point: Get your pets covered

If you are embarking on a journey with your cherished furry companion, then the checklist extends beyond your own essentials. Ensuring your pet’s well-being is paramount, and this includes more than just packing their food and toys. Adequate pet insurance similar to the Embrace Pet Insurance policy (Embrace pays claims within 5 days on average) can be a critical component of responsible pet travel.

Travel introduces new environments and potential risks for your pet, making insurance even more vital. Whether it’s an accidental injury, sudden illness, or unforeseen emergencies, having comprehensive pet insurance ensures that your furry friend’s health remains uncompromised even in unfamiliar territories.

Moreover, pet insurance can be especially valuable when traveling abroad. Medical expenses for pets in foreign countries can be exorbitant, and having insurance can significantly cut down costs, saving you from potential financial strain during your travels. It allows you to navigate any medical challenges your pet might face without hesitancy or concern about expenses.

By ensuring your pets are covered, you provide them with the same level of care and protection that you seek for yourself. It’s an investment in their comfort, safety, and happiness throughout the journey, ensuring that your travel experience remains joyful and worry-free for both you and your four-legged companion.

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