Golf is More Fun than You Think

Sports-lovers who have a preference for more action-packed sports like football, rugby and the shorter versions of cricket often love to criticise golf as not being a real sport. What they may not be fully aware of however is that golf can be much more fun than they think. The better you get at it, the more fun you will have, which is why those interested in learning the sport may want to perfect their golf swing with the help of a launch monitor from Uneekor. Besides, perhaps the fact that it’s not considered to be a real sport by many should give an indication as to just how much fun it can be.


Golf Carts are Half the Fun

For starters, just driving around in a golf cart is a lot of fun in itself. If you’re out exploring the greens with a golf buddy, you might find a natural development of a system which has you taking it in turns to take the golf cart’s steering wheel; otherwise one of you won’t be too happy if the other hogs the carting duties. Golf courses house some of the most beautiful greenery you’ll ever see so you’ll get in some good sightseeing between swings. Also a pro tip – make sure you have a golf cart range extension handy just in case!

Fun Golf Variations

Indoor golf, mini-golf or putt-putt; whatever you choose to call it, it makes for a good variation of the full outdoor version of golf. You can even take things to the big screen and enjoy a good round of golf on a golf simulator system, otherwise golf variations such as mini-golf offer so much more in the form of obstacles, trick-shots and hazards to get through and enjoy. In addition to this, you don’t need any fancy kit for it, just a few clubs and a nice polo shirt like the ones from this site! It’s quite an easy-going sport to do from all aspects, no matter which version you choose to do.

Perfect for a First Date

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, golf and its many variations makes for a great setting for a first date. It’s the perfect icebreaker and gives you and your potential romantic partner ample time to strike up conversation and get to know each other, with absolutely no risk of awkward silences that could otherwise spoil the date.

There’s more to A Golf Estate than Golf Itself

Since most golf courses normally form only one part of what a venue like a golf estate has to offer, this naturally brings a whole new dimension to what is available around the golfing activity itself. If you’re going for the golf, then that’s what you’d be doing, but most golf estates double up as venues to host events such as weddings and conferences. Some more sightseeing I guess, but you’ll probably also be on the premises of an exclusive restaurant, buffet or perhaps even a wine estate. The point is you should take a moment to explore the venue beyond the greens, with every likelihood being that you’ll discover so much more to a golf venue than the golf course and its associated golfing activity.

De-Stress Like a Millionaire

Sometimes a visit to the golf course serves as nothing more than a perfect setting to blow off some steam. Kitted out very simply in their Polo Shirts and not too over-the-top golf trousers, some golfers only hit up the driving range section of the golf course. Trust me, doing nothing but hitting a few balls as far as you can goes a long way in helping to relieve some stress and it’s a lot of fun too.

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