The Great American Road Trip

Many families talk about it but fewer and fewer actually take that great American road trip before the kids are grown and head off to live their lives. No matter where you live, there is the start of an epic road trip nearby and there is every reason to just pack up the car and go. The rewards are bound to be great and the memories vast.

Whichever route you choose, be sure to have your car serviced before you leave. Car troubles are one way to kill the spirit of a great family road trip quickly. If you were to notice issues before setting off then you might possibly want to consider buying a new car, which might be completed through the use of websites similar to or reputable price comparison websites. You also might be able to find a mechanic in your hometown who may be able to assist you in fixing issues in your car, if that was your preference. However, if you’ve already left home and find yourself on the side of the road or in an unknown place with car troubles, check our to find service centers near you, and to read about service and repair advice. In case you’re traveling in a truck, you would essentially need to get the same basic checks and servicing done before you start your journey. In addition, you can also buy a couple of truck bed covers from Peragon or similar companies while you’re at it. These can help you keep your vehicle clean and reduce some of your workload when you get back.

On to the fun stuff. Where should you go? Consider heading down the epic California State Route I for a week, starting in the northern part of the state, or even further from the state of Washington, and ending in San Diego. The vistas are breathtaking, the pace is slow and the possibility for adventure is high. Or maybe you need a route on the East Coast. The Blue Ridge Parkway stretches more than 460 miles from North Carolina to Virginia. It travels through the Appalachian Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains and is considered one of the country’s most scenic routes. Plan a trip that slowly meanders along the route, stopping in small communities and taking in the scenic overlooks. If the family is having a blast, you can even extend the scenic tour further south by taking Skyline Drive which adds 100 miles more to the excursion. Just make sure you know where the nearest center offering subaru repair lakewood, or wherever you are heading, so that you don’t find yourself stuck on the side of the road somewhere with no idea who you can call to help get you back on the road again.

The Overseas Highway that runs from Key Largo to Key West, Fla. is another fan favorite. Take in the blue water, salty, ocean air and island vibes. Consider making it a real road trip with stops in the major islands of the Florida Keys along the way. You can also pack up the family and drive from sea to shining sea on one interstate. Starting in Seattle, Wash. and ending in Boston, Mass. A family road trip along Interstate 90 will take you through 13 states, the Great Lakes region and across the Continental Divide. Some of the country’s best sites are along this route so it should be savored with the family, not rushed. There are numerous, phenomenal road trip options through the U.S. Sometimes we forget how diverse and truly scenic our country is. Picking any route gets you on the road and spending time with family, and that’s truly what it’s all about.

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