Heading for Your Singapore Night Safari Adventure

Singapore is a city full of wonderful surprises. For the casual visitor that spends time in only the high end hotels and hot night spots, the view of the city is very limited. That is because the city of Singapore is like a lady of mystery. She is filled with awesome places for adventure and none of them is as innovative and exciting as the Singapore Night Safari. This is an adventure like few you will encounter, especially when you stop to consider that it takes place a stones throw from one of the most sophisticated cities of Southern Asia. The night can be just the right time to have an adventure, when you do it with this exciting new exploration of the animals and habitats of the area around Singapore and Southeast Asia. The night awaits you.


Sunset Means Adventure with the Singapore Night Safari

Can you imagine taking a trip through a night shrouded jungle that is close to a hundred acres of rainforest and yet so nearby that you can take local transit to it? That is part of the appeal of this innovative and educational site. You can book a trip on a tram ride through seven different zones of animals and plants that are authentic to the core. From red river hogs to Malaysian tigers, there are so many amazing animals to see, and at night is when they are out and active. This is the secret to the success of the Singapore Night Safari. It was the first night safari in the world and it remains one of the best.

Dine Among the Stars and Wild Animals

Few things can compare to making plans to have dinner before heading out to your night safari. Just imagine dinner at the Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, surrounded by the sounds of the night jungle. It is an adventure just to have an ice cream from the local ice cream parlor when you have it here. There is everything from Tandoori Chicken dishes to exotic drinks at the bar when you plan to have dinner at the night safari as well as a trip to see all the wild animals.

Exotic Shows Hit the Spot at Singapore Night Safari

In addition to the adventure of walking along pedestrian trails through a night jungle, you won’t want to miss out on the amphitheatre that hosts a number of interesting shows. The local Thumbuakar soldiers will demonstrate their skill with a traditional fire dance and even show you how to eat fire! The Creatures of the Night show is one that is definitely not for the faint of heart as it includes scorpions and many types of venomous creatures, while explaining the hunting skills of many of these local natives. Don’t forget to order your dinner first when planning to explore the many educational and exciting shows that are on offer every night.

From walking among the creatures of the night to enjoying fine dining in the start studded jungle, there are so many great reasons to include the Singapore Night Safari on your next trip to Southeast Asia.

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