Hiring a Car While On a Trip Abroad

As I’m sure is the case right here at home, there’s a lot of convenience that comes with being able to jump into a car and drive anywhere you want, whenever the need arises or whenever you feel like it. So desperate for freedom are most teens that many even change driving test booking to take their test as soon as they can. That’s why it’s called “buying freedom” when you buy your own set of wheels, because that’s exactly what a vehicle of your own offers you – freedom, and plenty of it.


That kind of freedom comes with a lot of responsibility however – responsibility which is compounded if you’re going to be driving abroad, most likely in a vehicle you will have hired. So there are a few things you need to know if that is indeed your plan.

Inspect the Hired Vehicle Thoroughly

Generally, you’d not have too much to worry about as car hire companies usually have their stuff quite extensively sorted out, like having special insurance coverage as is required by a car hiring company. When you take the hired car into your possession however, just make sure everything is in order and if something isn’t quite right then you should make a note of it and report it to the car hire company immediately.

Fortunately we have video cameras in our pockets these days so you can quite easily document the evidence and even send it through live. For example, if you pick up your car and realise that there’s a huge dent in the rear of the vehicle, take a picture of it and show/send it to someone at the rental place as this will effectively protect you against any liabilities that may otherwise befall you upon returning the vehicle should something that is wrong with the vehicle, such as a scratch or a dent be put on your head.

Treat the Hired Vehicle like It’s Your Very Own

Anything that you wouldn’t do to your own car shouldn’t be done to a hired car, which is unfortunately something many people who hire a car don’t take any notice of. This means that you should be just as prepared as you would be with your own car because after all, any delays as a result of something happening along the way will only eat into the time allocated for your trip. I like to always know where I can get help with tyres near me, or where there’s a garage nearby wherever I go, just so that I can take the initiative to perhaps commission the help (with the consent of the car hiring company of course) required so that I can get back on the road as quickly as possible and enjoy the rest of my trip because, at the end of the day, being held back on a road trip is the last thing any budding traveller wants.

Also, always get a feel for the place in which you’ll possibly be driving before you actually go ahead and book out a vehicle so that you can enjoy a good driving experience. Check out some local forums, read online about driving in that area, get clued up basically. The last thing you want is to end up in trouble somehow.

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