What To Know About Homeschooling On the Road

More and more people around the world are opting for a different type of lifestyle that involves traveling, working as digital nomads, and exploring the world. They might shun buying a house in lieu of hitting the road in an RV, and for many people, they also have families that are part of the adventure.

If you’re a family that travels around for some or all of the year, you likely also have to homeschool your kids, and below are some of the tips that can help you make that work.

Decide on a Philosophy

If you’re new to the world of homeschooling, you might not realize that there are different philosophies you can follow, to create a framework that will make things more productive and optimal for you and your family.

For example, there’s the Traditional schooler concept, the Classical, the Eclectic and quite a few others. When you decide on a philosophy, it will help you guide your homeschooling process, and then you can find that materials and other items that fit within your framework.

When you have a general philosophy in mind, it can really help guide everything else you do in terms of educating your kids. Finding a philosophy can also help determine which school your child goes to when they reach the end of primary education. The time will come when your child needs to attend secondary school to take exams and make friends, so you can look at School Guide or a similar guide for your country to find a school that fits your philosophy. Finding a school with a similar philosophy to your own will help your children transition from homeschooling to secondary education when the time comes.

Incorporate Your Travels Into Learning

One of the coolest things about schooling your kids on the road is that if you plan accordingly, you can teach them about things and then show them these concepts at different destinations.

It takes a little more upfront planning to think about where you’re headed and then integrate that into your lessons, but it can be well worth it regarding a learning opportunity.

Use Online Materials Whenever Possible

When you’re traveling, you probably don’t want to bring along tons of heavy books and workbooks, so whenever possible try to do things online. Digital homeschool options are extensive, but you need to make sure you’re going to have internet access when necessary, so keep this in mind when planning.

You can also download a lot of the things you’ll need in advance and then put them on your electronic devices so they can be used on the road even without online access.

Designate a Learning Area

It’s important for kids to have a designated area in your RV or trailer where they can do work. It may be as simple as using your dining table, but you should create a space and a time where they’ll be doing their schooling every day.

It’s also important to have a routine and while you may need to veer off it every now and again, in general having space and time for learning is really important on the road.

Finally, a lot of parents worry their kids won’t get the chance to interact with other kids their age while you’re on the road, so try and find groups of other parents who homeschool and travel and meet up in various locations whenever possible. You’ll probably be surprised at what a significant community of people and families just like you there are around the world.

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