The Man’s Wardrobe Guide for Warmer Weather

We get it, men are simple, and that doesn’t exclude the typical man’s wardrobe. If it weren’t for mothers and girlfriends telling us to put on a wrinkle-free shirt before heading out to dinner or the Human Resources Department at work threatening to move us to an isolated corner cubicle where nobody can see us, we would probably determine every outfit worthy of wearing with the sniff test. But let’s be honest, how we dress and carry ourselves matters. It is our chance to let the world know a little bit of who we are and make a good impression.


With the seasons transition into warmer weather, now is a great time to spruce up the wardrobe with a few new colors and styles. A great selection of various styles can be found at Boden New British; a clothing company that offers all sorts of current British styles. Great prices can be found with Boden offering up to 40% off with a mid-season sale. So, what should be in your closet?

Board Shorts or Swim shorts

In the Spring and Summer the beach and water activities will be calling your name. Pick up a new pair of board shorts to hit the waves in and enjoy all the water activities the season has to offer.

Linen Cotton Shirt

For outdoor gatherings or picnics in the park when you want to look stylish without overheating, a linen cotton shirt is a must-have. Made with a light, linen-blend fabric, it not only looks good but is very comfortable.

An Oxford Shirt

Some occasions may call for a little dressing up. The Oxford shirt is perfect for a date night or a dinner party. The Oxford shirt contains all of the classic details but weaved in a new lightweight fabric.

Polo shirts

If you like the Old Money Style Men look, then you can consider pairing polo t-shirts with suit pants. Jeans should be a no-no here, primarily because they can make you look too casual. Wear an analog watch, preferably in silver color to add to your charm.


Hats are a great way to accessorize any outfit and protect your head from the sun during hot months. From fedoras to baseball caps to trucker hats, there are a variety of styles to choose from. Fashion-savvy men can even get their choice of hats customized from a site like Mato & Hash (link to the website Here). With customization, they can choose the material, colour, and size of their hat, creating a unique look that is tailored to their individual style.

Boat Shoes

It’s time to update your old pair of boat shoes. Boden offers expertly crafted boat shoes with a cushioned insole currently at 20% off. The typical warm-weather flip-flop favorite will have to take a back seat to the new comfort and style the boat shoe offers.

All the above-mentioned wardrobe essentials can also be found on portals such as and other sites. In addition to these, you could also find grooming accessories like colognes, body washes, shaving creams, and a range of other items that can help keep your warm body cool during the summer.

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