Does Medical Pot Help with Treating Pancreatic Cancer?

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Cancer begins when cells start to spread out of control in the body. Any cell in just about every part of the body can become cancerous and spread to other portions of the body. The pancreas is a very important organ that is located behind the stomach. It looks a little like a fish with a wide end (the head) that narrows into a tail-shape. It is only about 6 inches long.

There are two kinds of cells in the pancreas. The exocrine cells make the exocrine glands that help you digest foods, mostly fats. The endocrine cells are formed into small islets, or clusters and these make crucial hormones like insulin and glucagon. Both of these hormones help control your blood sugar, which we know is important to avoid diseases like diabetes.

Some risk factors for getting pancreatic cancer are smoking, overweight and obesity, genetics or familial history, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, and. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal cancers as Helicobacter pylori infections of the stomach the 5-year survival rate for stage I is just 14%, and for those with any stage of the illness, only 6% survive, but these numbers cannot determine what will happen to any one individual person. Unfortunately, the cancer is very aggressive and those who have it might be willing to try even experimental measures to combat it.

Recently, scientists from Perth, Australia have been testing medical marijuana as a treatment for pancreatic cancer. The studies are evaluating the effect of cannabis compounds as primary treatments and also in conjunction with chemotherapy. The company involved with the trials hope to duplicate their success from previous breast cancer studies which revealed very promising results.

Cannabinoids in marijuana plants are increasingly becoming popular topics in research with scientists. Fortunately, people who want to try quality CBD oil like Love Hemp can do so with legal delivery from ordering online. As well as an increase in overall consumption, there has been an increase in the different ways people use the drug as well. Some people will smoke as a joint, while others prefer using one of these really cool glass pipes. However, cannabis itself is not always legal in certain parts of the world, although alternative CBD oils are commonly available. It is already known that CBD rich oil is helpful for treating nausea and vomiting often caused by chemotherapy treatments in those who have cancer. But this new study is facing the more difficult task of actually eradicating cancer cells. Other studies have been able to do this with colorectal cancer cells so there is some hope for this field.

There are also options for people who wish to try medical marijuana, or pot, for those who live in states with legal medical marijuana dispensaries. This requires a thorough and extensive check from a doctor and a written prescription. However, trying medical marijuana means the whole plant is activated. This includes the brain altering THC, which can leave patients feeling high and uncoordinated. CBD rich oil does not have any THC, only the medicinal and healing properties. It is up to each individual to determine the best course of treatment for themselves. Sometimes this is done in conjunction with their doctor, and other times, people take a risk for a great reward.

One family in the UK with a son having a terminal cancer decided to try CBD oil as a pain reliever as their son was going into hospice. They simply wanted to make his death as painless as possible. CBD studies were showing promising results with pain relief at the time, and it didn’t have any negative side effects so they did not think it could hurt. After taking the CBD oil, the young teen made a full recovery and was taken off of hospice. He is still alive today to the surprise of all of his caretakers. Until all the mechanisms of the powerful cannabis plant is fully understood, there could be many more success stories like this as people take their medical care into their own hands.

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