Ooty – The Ultimate Weekend Destination

The abode of the evergreen eucalyptus trees, Ooty is well-known for its refreshing Nilgiri ranges. This refreshing hill station became a popular spot during India’s colonial past when the British frequented this destination for its pleasant climate during the incessant summers. It serves as a major tourist attraction for years.


The ravine valleys, misty skies, and aromatic tea gardens define Ooty’s landscape.  Delving deeper into this verdant paradise, you will realize there is nothing you would want to miss out on. If the lure of this quaint hill station has already struck your heart, planning a vacation may not seem a far-fetched idea either.

If you are planning to have an experience you won’t forget, here are four places to visit in Ooty.

  1. Dodabetta Tea Factory and Museum

Visiting Ooty and giving its tea factory a miss? Well, you would be skipping the chance to truly revel in the aroma of freshly picked tea. The Dodabetta Tea Factory and Museum at Ooty is a tea lover’s paradise. From getting to watch how tea is processed to being able to enjoy the most premium tea flavors, every Ooty holiday package must include this attraction. What’s more, this museum also gives you insights into the origin of tea and how the beverage influenced world trade right since its discovery.

  1. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Located only 31 kilometers from Ooty, entering the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary will momentarily make you feel that you entered the world of geography textbooks. With lush greenery and rare species of animals all around, this sanctuary is a quiet haven. From Bengal tigers to Indian leopards, you now know what to expect.

  1. Catherine Waterfall

Yet another addition to Ooty’s mesmerizing landscape is the Catherine Waterfall. The 250-feet high waterfall can easily be viewed from Dolphin’s Nose (the popular mountaintop viewpoint). If you are keen on playing more than just a spectator to this cascading waterfall, try trekking to the top and revel in its pristine beauty. Alternatively, the Kalhatty waterfalls also serve as a major tourist destination and an ideal location for capturing pictures. Most Ooty packages include these places.

  1. Government Rose Garden

Celebrating the beauty of Ooty is the Government Rose Garden that has struck the right chords with tourists and photographers alike. Adorned with colorful blooms in all directions, this garden houses an extensive range of roses, giving you the opportunity to marvel at the rarest species of this beautiful flower. This famous garden also won an Award of Excellence in the year 2006, for the best rose garden.

From botanical gardens to wildlife sanctuaries, Ooty is diversity personified. However, the places mentioned in this list are only a few popular ones; other attractions that feature in Ooty tour include Wax World, Tribal Museum, Emerald Lake, and Nilgiri Mountain Railway visit all these places and more, book your Tamil Nadu holiday packages by SOTC.

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