Orlando: Exploring the Theme Parks this Summer


When it comes to visiting theme parks, there’s no better place in the world than Orlando, Florida. Not only does it bare the name ‘theme park capital of the world’, but it attracts millions of people every year, from families to groups of friends! No matter how long you’re holidaying in Orlando this summer, you simply must make time for the wealth of theme parks on offer. Especially if you’re holidaying with your children, you just can’t go wrong with a theme park, and there are many more exciting activities too, from water parks to marine life shows. If you’re thinking about taking a vacation to Orlando this summer, let’s take a look at the best theme parks to check out.

The lighthouse at Islands of Adventure

Aquatica Orlando

Who doesn’t love visiting an aquarium when on holiday! The Aquatica Orlando combines the best of an amusement park, a zoo and a water park with the best aquarium in Florida, and it’s one of the greatest experiences you can have when visiting Orlando. Situated across 84,000 acres, with nearly 40 amazing slides, white-sand beaches, private accommodation, marine life shows, and a whole host of other activities, this is a day out your children will never forget. Be sure not to miss out on the Dolphin Plunge either, a water slide that shoots you through the underwater dolphin habitat!


Epcot is one of Orlando’s biggest theme parks, and although it started off as a showcase attraction for tourists, it has turned in to a very popular theme park. Not only will you find an aquarium in this 305 acre entertainment paradise, but their promenade, stretching out for over a mile, offers a whole host of attractions to keep your kids engaged! From the iconic Spaceship Earth to rides, restaurants (one great example is the Sunshine Seasons), and your children’s favourite characters, Disney has packed Epcot to the brim with wonderful and exciting entertainment.

Islands of Adventure

The Islands of Adventure is a part of the world famous Universal Studios, and it combines some of the greatest movie experiences ever with fantastic rides and interactive attractions that your kids will love! From the magical world of Harry Potter to the dinosaur land of Jurassic Park, there are many adventures to be had at this theme park. Situated in Universal studios, it’s only a short walk once you get out of Islands of Adventure to the next theme park, and there are plenty of restaurants on offer if you feel a little peckish. With all these appealing attractions in place, who would not like to pay a visit to Universal Studios?


LEGOLAND Florida is amazing – if you’ve got any brick-building kids, you owe it to them to book flights to Orlando to come here!

Lego is known all over the world as a time honoured toy for children, and although we’ve all owned a piece or two as kids, you won’t have seen anything like LEGOLAND Florida before! Not only is it one of the most visited theme parks in Orlando, but with 50 rides and a huge 150 acre landscape to explore, your kids won’t forget spending a day here in a hurry. This theme park is specifically designed for kids, and many of the attractions are interactive too.

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