Too poor to travel – Downside to gap year’s

Travelling benefits people in many different ways, whether it’s a short break to recharge or a time to explore new cultures and expand your horizons. For young people a gap year is equally important to not only learn and experience more but also to add to their CV’s as potential employers look favourable on people who have a wide range of skills and can adapt to new situations easily, something which many people learn taking a gap year to go travelling.


Unfortunately now for many young people they can’t actually afford to take a gap year, according to research 37% of Brit students want to take a gap year but can’t afford to. It found that 78% of young people are interested in taking a gap year, or already have, but costs seem to be an issue for many, so much so some stated that they would put it off until they were older and hopefully in a better financial position. Some will try and build on their money in a variety of ways, this could be through checking out websites like Algarve Daily News for some tips on how to best go about that, or they may try and find part-time jobs that they can do off and on to save up for when they go traveling, to make sure they have something that can help them through. My Voucher Codes who conducted the study stated:

“Many young people want to take a gap year to go travelling, expand their horizons, learn about new cultures and meet new people. Although some people just consider it to be an extended holiday, a gap year traveling can be valuable for young people, adding to their employability and giving them experiences they can’t learn in a classroom. It’s no surprise so many young people want to take a gap year, unfortunately for many costs can prohibit them or limit their options.”

It can cost in the region of 3,000 to 4,000 to go on a gap year, with rising tuition fees it’s understandable that many young people feel like they will never be able to afford to take one. However there are ways to ensure it doesn’t cost a lot. For example you could work for a charity for part of the trip or look at teaching abroad to earn extra money, these options normally come with accommodation and food and drinks costs included. Here we wrote about 6 Awesome Activities to Include in your Round the World Trip, some of which will also help fund your trip.

If you still find yourself short, follow in the footsteps of other students who went to the bank of mum and dad, according to research, a fifth of parents decide to help fund their child’s gap year, paying on average 763 per child. If that’s not an option you could always crowd fund your trip, the things people crowd fund for these days, not many people would bat an eyelid at asking for help to fund a gap year, considering the benefits.

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