San Diego, the enchanting beauty with the old world charm

The oldest town in the state of California, San Diego is home to such beautiful climes that whether you love architecture or pleasant weather, the city always has something to offer. The fourteen hundred acres of Balboa Park is the place considered as city in itself and museums, heritage buildings and plenty of green space make sure that the charm of the place never fades in the eye of the visitor.

The Mexican style of architecture complements the surroundings well and the various attractions in the park also play their role in creating an aura of beauty. You can explore Botanical Gardens, San Diego Museum of Art and the renowned San Diego Zoo. Your aesthetic self would love the idea of including Balboa Park in your USA tour package.

If you are on USA tour with your family, SeaWorld in San Diego is the destination that must be a part of your USA holiday package. Located in Mission Bay, the place has its fame for shows featuring dolphins, sea lions and killer whales and the rides also are there to take you on a joyous trip. If you decide to visit SeaWorld and want to find a Mission Bay San Diego Resort, there are many options available. Whilst you’re staying in the area, it’s definitely worth visiting the famous bay too!


Gaslamp Quarter is another area in San Diego that will take you on a tour of history with its old-world charm. There are numerous trendy shops and restaurants in the area and yet you still feel relaxed when you’re here. Upon visiting this place, the calm aura will engulf you as well.

El Cajon in San Diego provides a unique experience with its lively ambiance and rich cultural diversity. Here, you can find a variety of restaurants, stores, and cultural hubs that will offer you the opportunity to gain insight into its multifaceted culture. You can also enjoy casino games, savor exquisite dining options, or relax and recharge at a tranquil san diego spa. For those looking for outdoor activities, there are plenty of options to choose from, such as golfing, trekking, or biking in the nearby mountains.

Seaport Village is another delight of the old world and your trip to San Diego can not be complete unless you include it in your itinerary. The area has a bohemian feel to it and you will see a number of artists showcasing their talents in street plays or other activities whilst here. Who wouldn’t love to be a part of that eclectic aura? However, the absolute best way to see the city is from a boat, as the views truly are unparalleled. It’s also so easy to find a yacht charter on sites such as for you to be able to do this.

When a city maintains its old-world charm; it’s not stuck in a time warp; it just has the good sense of not discarding the old for the sake of gaining new but it knows how to maintain a fine balance. San Diego is one city that would take you to the old world in a new way and your senses would love that journey. Include San Diego in your USA package and as for customizing your package and taking care of all the travel hassles, SOTC is there with you.

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