How to Save Money for Transportation While Travelling

Sun, fun, and a new place to get to know and explore; these are just some of the most appealing aspects of travelling abroad. It’s always exciting to plan for that trip and get to immerse yourself in a culture you’ve only ever read about. But one of the most looked at aspects of travelling is how you can get from one destination to the next. Do you choose to get a cab? Walk? Or do you get an intermediate car rental to drive?

Transport and Travelling

If you’re not careful, you can be looking to spend at least ⅓ of your budget on transportation during your stay. After all, services like Uber and Lyft can be pricey when they all add up. So it is essential to look at all of your available options before you decide on which service to avail. To help you with your decision, here are a few ways you can save a few dollars on your transport:

Do your Research

During the planning stages of your trip, consider how you will get around. Will the place where you will be staying near some of the locations you intend to visit? Is it far? When you know how these places are from each other, then you can get a clear picture of how you can work out your plan to get to each area. If it’s just across the street from your location, then you won’t be needing to rent a car. If it’s a few blocks from your hotel, then you can consider walking or taking any other form of public transport to make it easier for yourself.

Consider Carpooling

If you’re going to a major city, then carpooling may just be an option. Services like UberPOOL are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a ridesharing service wherein you get in a car with other people, and you can get driven to your location at a lower price compared to a taxi. It’s also a great way to get close to the locals or other travellers. Besides, such services are pretty safe too. Companies providing carpooling or ride sharing facilities often have software in place that allow for vehicle tracking and may also have dash cams to ensure passenger and driver safety. Fleet management solutions like those offered by Lytx ( can help carpooling service providers on this front, so you have nothing to worry about.

Take Public Transport

Speaking of immersion, nothing gets you more immersed in a country’s culture than taking on their public transport system. Try and find out bus and train schedules and study their map routes to figure out which buses and trains go to where.

Here, you can see how locals interact with each other, and it’s a much better way to understand their way of life and how they go about their day to day businesses. You also find a new respect for those who have to take the bus every day just to make it in time for their jobs.

Rent or bring your Bike

This option is best reserved for cities that are safe to ride your bikes in and are generally bike-friendly. Cities like Amsterdam offer the best bike exploration experience. An advantage of touring a place on your bike is that you get to exercise all while being able to see more of the site you are visiting. Similarly, islands like Hilton Head offer beautiful trails that can be best explored on bikes. You can check out bike rentals in Hilton Head Island by visiting websites like It’s a much different experience than renting a car.

Consider renting a Car

Renting a car for your entire stay offers comfort, privacy, and convenience as it will allow you to go anywhere at anytime. The best part about availing a car hire is that the price is often set, and you only have to worry about petrol during the entire time it will be in your care. What’s more, it is the ideal solution especially if you will be bringing your family along on the trip as car hire services often offer accessories like child seats among others.

Now that it’s all said and done, it is now time for you to consider the best way for you to get around during your stay in your dream vacation. Make sure that it fits your budget and offers you the best comfort for you and your family.

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