Scandinavia: A Tour of Heaven You Will Never Forget

Scandinavia is an underexplored gem that will find its place in the list of top European destinations. With its wild scenic beauty, beautiful and calm scenic and a bustling artistic culture, there is nothing that you will miss once you step foot in this country.

It is a place where you can go and unplug from the rest of the world. The soothing climate, the beautiful coffee shops and the hospitable people make the Scandinavian experience feel like a life lived in heaven. This place is so amazingly beautiful that it is difficult to keep it off your travel map for long.

Anybody who likes to taste the good ol’ European charm must come here at least once in their lifetime. Sail, dive or just breathe the fresh air that surrounds you in this region. We guarantee you, this isn’t an experience you will be able to replicate anywhere else.

The Nordic countries of Scandinavia are situated north of the Baltic Sea. When talking about Scandinavia, we mostly include Norway, Sweden and Denmark. However, Iceland and Finland are also a part of the same Nordic tradition and share a common history with the former three.

A trip across Scandinavia means experiencing everything that Europe has to offer, in one region. Here is what you should expect in each of the countries:


This is a small country that provides you the most authentic continental experience in the Scandinavian region. The beaches in Denmark are the envy of the best tropical beaches on the globe. In Northern Europe, no beach is as good as the ones in Denmark. Copenhagen is the capital of Scandinavia, which has some of the beautiful royal palaces in Europe.

If you thought England and Scotland have the best palaces in the world, you must definitely visit Copenhagen. Denmark also has a rich Viking heritage. With just a few days in hand, you can experience everything from old school charm to ancient Viking traditions, sophisticated beaches and unique dining traditions.


Come here for steep mountains, beautiful and deep fjords and churches made of wood. The culture of Norway is different, unique and very pleasant. You can enjoy the wilderness of this space, escape the busy city life and fee one with nature. Norway is known for its rich fishing traditions too. If you are in Oslo, make sure that you check out the beautiful coffee shops here. Get fascinated by the music, culture and arts of Norway and move through the streets that contain masterpieces of art on walls. Tours to Norway could be one of the most beautiful journeys if your life.


The largest country in the region, Sweden will never disappoint you. Take some time to enjoy the Swedish Archipelago and just revel in the natural beauty of this place. The plains of the south and the beautiful woodlands of central Sweden will certainly leave you awestruck. Enjoy some chocolates, coffee drinks and several exotic foods on your way back.

Where to get the best Scandinavian Experience?

Not sure where to go first in Scandinavia, choose Norway. You will never be short of options when you are here. Of course, Norway is by no means a cheap city to travel to. Travelling and staying will be expensive here. Still, it is the crowning glory of Scandinavia that should not be missed by any serious traveler.

A hostel room in Norway will cost you 200-400 NOK while a shared accommodation like Airbnb can cost 400 NOK at least. Hotel rooms start at 1,000 NOK and they are only equipped with the basic amenities. If you are looking for anything fancy, expect to pay several hundred more.

Look for some good Norway travel packages instead of planning an itinerary of your own. This will help you in saving money while being able to experience everything that this beautiful Nordic country has to offer.

An average Norway travel package starts with an 8-day itinerary. If you want to stay longer, plan for a 12-day stay here. This is usually enough to get an authentic Nordic experience in Norway. Some of the most popular tours in this region include a 9-day tour of Oslo, Bergen, Alesund, Flam and Balestrand.

You can take thematic tours as well. The Norwegian Northern Lights tour will help you explore the magnificent green sky lights from Oslo, Bergen and Tromso. You can go here and enjoy a Husky safari or even ride a snowmobile. Viking heritage tours, Denmark beach tours, Fjords tours and special winter tours are also available to tourists.

If you have more than 10 days of vacation on hand, then take an all-Scandinavia tour of Helsinki, Stockholm, Bergen, Flam, Oslo and the beautiful Copenhagen. Travel from the Swedish archipelago to the Norwegian fjords while tasting everything that the capital cities have to offer in culture, cuisine and arts.

Don’t wait anymore and get a customized tour package for Scandinavia designed for you.

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