The Sheer Pleasure of a Christmas Skiing Trip to Chamonix

Finding a magical place to spend Christmas is something that will help you to make this special time of year even more memorable. If you want to get away from the usual routine and go somewhere new then lovely Chamonix is a choice worth considering.


This French Alps resort offers excellent facilities and many other reasons to think that a festive break here could be simply sensational. If you have never before been here then the following are some of the highlights to look forward to.

Blow Away the Cobwebs with Daily Skiing 

Deep in the winter many of us feel the strains and the stresses of the regular routine of going to work in the cold and dark every day. It is easy to feel listless, tired, and unfit by the time Christmas comes along and the cold weather seems like it will never end.

The good news is that the exceptionally large skiing area around Chamonix makes it easy to get out for a daily dose of skiing. This is going to leave you feeling fitter and completely invigorated every time that you do it, with a huge boost to your fitness levels and immune system too.

Skiing is a very enjoyable hobby and it is also fantastic for blowing away the cobwebs whenever you are feeling at less than your best. If you have been struggling through the winter so far then heading here at Christmas could be perfect for putting a happy smile back on your face again.

Whether you are an expert skier or just starting out in the sport, you can find the right slopes here to get you feeling good while you glide down over the snow. You can then go home afterwards feeling fit and healthy again.

This is a highly recommended way of breaking up a long winter into more manageable chunks. The festive season is just about the best possible time to do it and to look forward to the rest of the winter feeling fresher and fuller of life.

Enjoy the Party Scene

Christmas time is about having a good time and heading to a few parties, right? Well, what if you like the idea of going to different parties in a completely new setting this year?

The après ski scene in Chamonix is world famous, with the mighty Mont Blanc mountain overlooking a place that has some tremendous bars. If you want to take part in the most awesome Christmas parties ever then this is a fine place to head to.

Basically, people come here looking to relax and have a great time over the festive season, just as they do in other buzzing resorts like Les Gets. Party lovers arrive here from far and wide looking to enjoy a few drinks, some music, and a lot of fun in the mountains.

There are numerous quality places to go out for a drink in and around Chamonix. These range from the relaxed Le Jekyll Bar and Irish style Munster Bar to the noisy and crowded Chambre Neuf Apres Ski Bar and the popular L’Amnesia night club.

You definitely won’t run out of places to party if you come here on Christmas for ski holidays. In fact, you could easily go to a different place every night if you want to and have a fantastic social life during your stay.

Eat to Your Heart’s Content   

There is no denying that the culinary experience is a big part of any ski trip. Quality French Alps resorts like Chamonix offer an amazing opportunity to sample top class cuisine in an idyllic setting.

If the idea of eating Christmas lunch at home doesn’t inspire you then a trip to Chamonix could be a far more enticing option. You can eat to your heart’s content and enjoy some wonderful food here.

Skiing is an exercise that will really see you work up an appetite, so it is not going to be a surprise if you head off the pistes and straight into town for a hearty meal.

You can take your pick from lots of exciting restaurants when you are here and work up a healthy appetite out on the ski slopes. The long list includes places such as Le Bistrot, L’Impossible, and Bergerie.

If you have never before tried French Alpine food then you will be delighted at the healthy and wholesome nature of it. Sausage, soups, and cheeses are among the foods to most look out for when you are here.

Spend Time with Friends

One possibility that might get you excited is that of spending time with friends at this very special time of year. Christmas can give us a unique opportunity to renew friendships and to share some special moments together.

Chamonix is an ideal type of ski resort for a group trip where everyone just wants to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. For instance, you could all stay here in a spacious chalet that lets you spend more time together than ever before.

Going out skiing together, dining in the restaurants and as a group and sampling the après ski scene are all activities that you could love as well. Add in the range of winter sports and adventurous sports offered in the area and it is clear that this is a great spot for a bunch of friends to travel to.

Alternatively, you could come here alone and meet new friends while you are here. The resort is typically filled with easy going skiers just looking to enjoy life and take part in the active social scene here.

One look at the pretty town and surroundings will also make it clear to you that this is also a highly romantic destination as well. If you want to head off on an amazing couple’s break then Chamonix has everything that you could ask for to make it the trip of a lifetime.

Enjoy Christmas Like Never Before

The overall feeling you will get when you are here is of enjoying the Christmas period like never before. No matter how much you normally enjoy the festive season, you will absolutely love celebrating it in style here.

The range of attractions, the food, the nightlife, and the skiing all make it a fabulous place to spend a few days. To that list you can also add the sense of peace and relaxation that you will feel when you are enjoying life here in the French Alps.

Christmas is meant to be a time when we enjoy ourselves and perhaps also reflect on the true meaning of our lives and friendships. Chamonix is a fine place to do this and to enjoy a break from the usual day to day routine, with no need to pay a fortune for the pleasure of a skiing trip.

There is always a vibrant and contagious feel-good atmosphere here and that is more the case than ever during the festive period. Even if you are feeling a bit down or a bit tired when you arrive, your mood is sure to get picked up quickly when you see how all of the other visitors are having so much fun.

If you want to celebrate Christmas like never before then Chamonix lets you do exactly that. This stunning ski French resort could be the scene of your best ever festive period if you just give it a try.


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