Why a Ski Jacket and Pants Works Better for Kids Than an All-in-One

It used to be that skiers everywhere wore all-in-one suits, but now nearly every adult you see on the slopes will have gone for a separate jacket and pants. There is one exception to this rule: kids. You’ll find that many children are still given all-in-one suits, so it’s reasonable to assume that they make the best option. However, there are many reasons why a jacket and pants combo will work better.

Here are just 5.

  1. Versatility

One of the best things about buying separate is being able to wear separate as well. Say it’s really chilly at home and you need something extra warm to give your child for the walk to school. They can wear a ski jacket, but donning the all-in-one suit is obviously a no-go.

  1. Room to Grow

One of the main problems with all-in-one ski suits is that kids can quickly grow out of them. Once they grow an inch or two, it will be impossible to modify the suit to make it wearable. On the other hand, a separate ski jacket provides more room to grow, and you can always have ski pants let down an inch if required.

  1. Convenience

Ski suits might seem convenient since all you need to cope with is one piece of clothing, but this rarely works out well in the real world, especially when your kids need to go to the bathroom. Girls will have to remove their whole suit just to relieve themselves, so packing separates is definitely the way to go.

  1. Style

Okay, style isn’t the most important consideration, and children won’t be as bothered about it until they hit their teen years. However, it’s always worth getting something that looks a little sharper, and all-in-one suits are thoroughly behind the times.

  1. Swappable

Kids aren’t exactly notorious for taking great care of their clothes, and that can spell trouble when you’re skiing. If a sleeve or seat gets ripped, the whole suit will be rendered useless. You’ll also find it tough if part of the suit gets wet and needs a while to dry out. These issues can still occur with a separate jacket and set of pants, but you can always swap out just one of those items.

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