Stranded Abroad – Preparing for the Worst

It might be a fear many travellers harbour which is renewed each time they plan their next trip, but finding oneself destitute abroad isn’t a position of absolute hopelessness. You most definitely won’t have to live out your life as a beggar on the streets or anything like that – help is at hand.

Be that as it may however, this is definitely not a position you’d want to find yourself in. There would be so many bureaucratic obstacles to get over, not to mention some debt you’d incur. It would also account for somewhat of a negative record against your name as a bona fide traveller in that essentially the record would show that you were in a situation where the state had to step in to be of assistance to you in getting you back home, something which naturally comes at an expense to the local taxpayer.

It’s not impossible to bounce back however and in actual fact, all it would really take is proving your financial capability, next time you might want to visit that same country or region. If anything, depending on what was the cause for you being stranded, the local authorities of that country you’re stranded in would probably go out of their way to make sure you’re well taken care of as the implications of the whole ordeal would naturally have an impact on their tourism industry. News can spread really fast these days with the likes of social media making for a direct channel to voice one’s views.

As much as help will definitely be at hand if you’re stranded abroad, prevention is always better than having to deal with that type of situation. So, when planning your trip, it’s essential to factor in these possibilities. Consider scenarios like losing your passport or encountering a more serious situation, such as being in a car accident and needing the help of a Detroit auto accident attorney or a similar legal professional in your travel destination.

Your first port of call is getting the contact details of your native country’s embassy or consul, making sure that these details are up to date. If you can, make contact and let them know you’re in the country, but in order to avoid bearing the brunt of an irate consul who might perhaps be overworked, try making contact through channels that suggest that you’re perhaps looking for some useful information.

In many instances, the embassy can be contacted from something like a payphone, via a toll-free number, so if the worst happens you can still make contact.

These days biometric technology is widely used for identity verification, so perhaps getting a replacement or temporary passport will be that much easier, otherwise going through local legal structures is the next best plan. If for example you’re stranded in Washington as a result of an incident that requires legal assistance, the car accident lawyers Tacoma has to offer would know exactly what to do and it also really helps that you can get a free consultation as well.

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