Top 7 Quirky Landmarks to Instagram

If you love looking at unusual photos and taking out-of-the-ordinary snaps, there are hundreds of quirky destinations across the UK to inject a touch of the bizarre into your Instagram feed.

With the help of Cottages in Northumberland – a leading holiday lettings agency offering cottages in Beadnell – we’ve put together the top seven places you can capture a quirky snapshot of the wonderfully weird UK for your followers. If you don’t currently have many followers to share these pictures with, you could always visit to get some more followers for your account. Hopefully, this will help you to grow your account more easily. Check out our best finds and choose which one you’ll visit first…

The Dunmore Pineapple near Airth

The wonderful shape of a pineapple growing out of the top of a centuries-old building sounds like a worthy Insta-upload to us. During the 1700s, the Earl of Dunmore was serving as governor in the state of Virginia, where sailors would leave pineapples on gateposts to announce their safe return from sea. After returning home, the joker Earl Dunmore decided to bring this tropical custom to Scotland in a more permanent fashion. So, the construction of a stone pineapple commenced.

The Dunmore Pineapple was created in the 18th century and is today one of the most eccentric summerhouses in the UK. If you want to visit, it’s also surrounded by lovely gardens.

The Headington Shark in Oxford

Of course, you can find amazing photos right on your doorstep – which is the case for anyone living in Headington, Oxford. Essentially, the Headington Shark is a large statue fixed head-first into the roof of someone’s home.

Despite being over 30 years old, the shark is one of Headington’s most famous residents and the structure is made from painted fibreglass. Unfortunately, there were legal battles to get the shark removed on health and safety grounds, however, it’s persevered and now, people from all over the UK stop by to get a selfie with the shark.

Smallest House in Conwy

Anything that features in the Guinness book of World Records is worth tracking down for a selfie. So, if you fancy a road trip or live near Conwy, why not drop by the smallest house in the UK? Measuring 72 inches across, 120 inches deep and 122 inches in height; this bright-red Welsh property has been officially declared the country’s littlest abode.

Although it has not been lived in since 1900, 19th-century couples lived here rather comfortably and any photo taken outside it is bound to get your like-rate soaring on Instagram.

Alnwick Treehouse in Alnwick

As kids, we all wanted to have a getaway up in the tress – and at Alnwick, you can. The Treehouse in Alnwick Garden is one of the largest wooden treehouses in the world; made from Canadian cedar, Scandinavian redwood, and UK pine.

Take a snap as you cross the rope bridges or as you look out form one of the great viewpoints. Afterwards, eat, drink and be merry at the treehouse’s restaurant before exploring the nearby area for more nature-friendly shots.

Angel of the North in Gateshead

The Angel of the North is one of the North East’s most treasured and iconic structures. Weighing 200 tonnes with the wingspan of a jumbo jet and the height of four double-decker buses; the Angel of the North welcomes the South into Gateshead, Newcastle and beyond.

Not only is the Angel of the North believed to be Earth’s largest angel sculpture, it even attracts more than 150,000 visitors a year!

Smallest police station in London

If you’ve ever been to London or live there, you’ve possibly strolled passed this top Instagram snap in Trafalgar Square countless times. Constructed in 1926 from a hollowed-out lamppost, the smallest police station in the country was originally used to help policemen keep an eye on protests.

Of course, it had other uses. For example, the tiny building was actually able to hold up to two prisoners at a time and also had a direct phoneline to Scotland Yard for assistance. Today, the UK’s smallest police station is commonly used as a broom cupboard for the Westminster Council, however, that doesn’t make it any less worthy as a great Insta-upload.

Ketley Crag Rock near Chatton

If you love the countryside and snapping wildlife, why not head out into the sticks for your next Instagram-perfect photo? Our advice is to visit Ketley Crag Rock – home to mysterious cup and ring carvings that have recently been named as Ancient Monuments by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

The most unusual thing about Ketley Crag Rock is that nobody knows exactly how or when the odd carvings were made, although, they’re believed to originate from between 3800 BC and 1500 BC.

Start ticking off these top Instagram photo picks from your list today and freshen up your account with something fun and quirky.


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