Top advice for making traveling with children easier

Travelling with young children can be a daunting task, especially if you are going on a long trip, not to mention all of the waiting around for flights which can make the whole experience fraught. This is why it is important to plan ahead, because happy children mean a better experience.


With this in mind My Voucher Codes have compiled a handy list of tips and advice for travelling with children to ensure that your holiday plans go without a hitch. Whether travelling in the UK or abroad, you’ll be happy you saw these great tips.


  • Plan your holiday together as a family, this will ensure that your children have a say in what they want to see and do too.
  • If it’s your first family holiday with very small children, try to stay closer to home or choose a shorter flight if going abroad.
  • Plan out your days by creating a list of things you want to see, how to get there, and what there is to do once you get there.

Planning a family holiday can be an exciting endeavor, and involving your children in the process can make it even more enjoyable. It’s a great opportunity to bond as a family and ensure that everyone’s preferences are considered. By including your children in the planning, they can share their interests and desires, making them feel more engaged and excited about the upcoming adventure.

If it’s your first family holiday with very young children, it’s wise to consider proximity. Opt for destinations closer to home or choose shorter flights if traveling abroad. This approach minimizes the challenges of long journeys and jet lag, ensuring a smoother experience for both parents and kids.

To make the most of your trip, plan out your days in advance. Create a comprehensive list of the places you want to visit, how to reach them, and what activities are available once you arrive. This structured approach not only maximizes your time but also helps you cater to the interests of every family member, ensuring that each day is filled with enjoyable experiences and memorable moments. With careful planning and involvement from all family members, your holiday is sure to be a fantastic adventure for everyone to cherish.


  • Always check what you children are packing so nothing is left behind.
  • Pack your children’s favourite toys, books and games.
  • Take chargers and plug adapters for electricals such mobile phones, tablets and hair dryers.
  • Why not get your older children to keep a travel journal to document the trip.

Preparing for a family trip is a meticulous task where attention to detail is crucial. This becomes even more imperative when traveling with newborns. While packing essentials for both adults and children is essential, the focus should be primarily on the little ones.

Ensure that you pack their essentials, including their cozy custom baby blankets, necessary medicines, a sufficient change of clothing, and an adequate supply of nourishing baby food. These items are indispensable for the comfort, health, and well-being of your newborn during the journey and at your destination.

In addition to the essentials, don’t forget to pack your children’s favorite toys and games. These familiar items can provide comfort and entertainment during travel, helping to ease any potential restlessness or boredom that may arise on the journey. If your children have outgrown their favorite toys, then you may want to consider exploring online to find toys that will make kids go “wow” and keep them entertained during the entire journey. When selecting toys, be sure to consider your children’s preferences and ensure that the toys are travel-friendly.

As we rely heavily on electronics in today’s world, it’s crucial to remember to pack chargers and plug adapters for devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and even hair dryers if needed. Being prepared in this aspect ensures that everyone can stay connected and powered up throughout the trip.

For older children, encouraging them to keep a travel journal can be an enriching experience. It not only helps them document the trip’s highlights but also fosters their writing and observation skills. Moreover, it creates a lasting memento of the journey that they can cherish in the years to come.

Travelling tips

  • Try to book train and plane tickets so that you travel at night when your children would be sleeping.
  • Book your plane seats in advance so that are all sitting together.
  • Book table seats when travelling by train so you have more room.
  • Make sure you have headphones for electrical devices such as mobile phones and tablets.
  • If you are driving, make sure you make plenty of stops.
  • You can even plan interesting stop offs on long car journeys to break up the journey.
  • Pack plenty of water and refreshments in your car.

Traveling with children can be an adventure in itself, and some thoughtful planning can make the journey more enjoyable for both kids and parents alike.

One helpful strategy is to consider booking train and plane tickets for nighttime travel whenever possible. This aligns with your children’s sleep schedule, increasing the chances of them resting peacefully during the journey, making for a more relaxed experience for everyone.

When flying, it’s wise to book your seats in advance to ensure that your family is seated together. This eliminates the stress of trying to rearrange seats at the last moment and allows for a more cohesive family travel experience.

For train travel, opting for table seats can provide extra room to move around, making the journey more comfortable. It also offers a convenient space for activities or enjoying meals together.

Remember to pack headphones for electronic devices like mobile phones and tablets. This not only prevents disturbances to fellow travelers but also keeps your children entertained during the trip.

If you’re embarking on a road trip, plan to make regular stops to break up the journey. These stops can include interesting sights or attractions, adding an element of adventure to the trip and providing opportunities for relaxation and exploration.

Lastly, don’t forget to pack plenty of water and refreshments in your car. Staying hydrated and having snacks on hand ensures that your family remains energized and content throughout the trip.

Booking accommodation

  • Look for hotels in central locations close to local amenities.
  • Check online reviews before booking to ensure it suits you and your child’s needs.
  • Check out apartments or suites if you feel you need more space.
  • Book family friendly resorts which cater for both children and adults.
  • Look for hotels and resorts that offer kids clubs.

When it comes to booking accommodation for a family trip, several key considerations can make your stay more convenient and enjoyable. Start by seeking hotels located in central areas close to local amenities. This strategic choice ensures that you’re within easy reach of restaurants, attractions, and essential services, reducing travel time and enhancing convenience for both you and your child.

Next, delve into the world of online reviews. These valuable insights from fellow travelers help you determine if the chosen accommodation truly aligns with your needs, especially those of your child. Pay attention to reviews mentioning family-friendliness, cleanliness, and quality of service.

If you’re traveling with a larger family or simply desire more space, explore options such as apartments or suites. These accommodations often provide separate living areas and kitchen facilities, offering added comfort and convenience.

For a comprehensive family experience, consider booking family-friendly resorts. These establishments cater to both children and adults, offering amenities like kids’ clubs, child-friendly pools, and activities suitable for all ages. Such resorts are designed to ensure that every member of the family has a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Lastly, if you’re seeking some well-deserved relaxation while keeping your child entertained, seek out hotels and resorts that offer kids clubs. These clubs offer supervised activities, providing parents with peace of mind and a chance to unwind.

By considering these factors when booking accommodation, you can tailor your family trip to meet the needs and preferences of every family member, ensuring a memorable and stress-free experience.

Food & Drink

  • Encourage your children to try new foods and teach them about the local cuisine.
  • Fill up on free breakfasts if included with your accommodation.
  • If available, take extra food for snacks or ask the hotel if they provide picnics.
  • By refreshments from local supermarkets as it will be a lot cheaper than the hotel.
  • For those who are in self-catering accommodation, have a big breakfast there and make your own picnic for lunch.

When traveling with children, culinary adventures can be a delightful part of the journey. Encourage your kids to step out of their comfort zones and try new foods, embracing the local cuisine as a cultural experience. However, it’s also wise to consider practical dining strategies to keep everyone well-fed and content during your travels.

If your accommodation includes complimentary breakfast, take advantage of it to start your day with a hearty meal. This can save you money and keep hunger at bay as you explore your destination.

To keep energy levels up throughout the day, consider carrying extra snacks or inquire with your hotel about the availability of picnic options. Some hotels offer picnic packages, which can be a convenient way to enjoy meals outdoors, particularly if you’re exploring nature or visiting attractions that lack dining facilities.

For cost-effective refreshments, explore local supermarkets rather than relying solely on hotel dining. Purchasing snacks, drinks, and even simple meal ingredients from local stores can be substantially more budget-friendly, allowing you to allocate your funds for other experiences.

If you’re staying in self-catering accommodation, consider having a substantial breakfast in your lodgings and preparing your own picnic lunch. This not only saves money but also provides flexibility in terms of meal choices, catering to your family’s preferences and dietary requirements.

Keeping costs down

  • Stick to your budget and always put some money aside in case of emergencies.
  • Have your children keep to a budget for souvenirs and treats too.
  • Check the local area for free days at museums and other tourist sites.
  • Use public transport as it will be cheaper than taxis.
  • If you need to use a taxi try apps such as Uber or Lyft for cheaper prices.
  • Use sightseeing buses as these will take you to all the tourist hotspots.

When it comes to keeping costs in check during your family vacation, a strategic approach can ensure that your trip remains budget-friendly without sacrificing enjoyment. First and foremost, establish a clear budget for your journey and make it a priority to set aside some extra funds for unforeseen emergencies. This financial cushion provides peace of mind, allowing you to navigate unexpected situations without stress.

Teaching your children financial responsibility is a valuable life lesson. Encourage them to stick to a budget for souvenirs and treats, helping them understand the importance of managing their money wisely.

Exploring the local area for free or discounted days at museums and tourist sites can significantly reduce your expenses. Many destinations offer such opportunities, allowing you to enjoy cultural and historical attractions without breaking the bank.

Opting for public transport over taxis is a savvy move for cost-conscious travelers. It’s often more affordable and offers a chance to experience the local culture. If you do need to use taxis, consider ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft, which can provide cost-effective alternatives.

For comprehensive sightseeing at a reasonable price, consider utilizing sightseeing buses. These convenient services take you to all the must-visit tourist hotspots, often with the option of purchasing multi-day passes, saving you both time and money while exploring your destination.

Other handy advice

  • When traveling with children, always allow more time.
  • Pack a mini medical kit.
  • Invest in a child tracking device or add location apps to your children’s phones just in case you get separated.
  • Take spare clothes on days out.
  • Make sure you’ve got medications and details if you need to get more whilst away.

Traveling with children requires extra precaution and preparedness to ensure their safety and well-being. One crucial aspect is time management; always allow more time than you think you’ll need for various activities. Children can be unpredictable, and factoring in extra time can reduce stress and help you maintain a relaxed pace during your journey.

Additionally, packing a mini medical kit is a smart move. Include essential items like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, fever reducers, and any specific medications your child might need. This kit can be a lifesaver for minor injuries or illnesses while on the go.

To enhance safety, invest in a child tracking device or utilize location apps on your children’s phones in case of separation. These tools provide an added layer of security and help you quickly reunite with your child if you become separated in a crowded or unfamiliar place.

On outings and day trips, always carry spare clothes for your children. Accidents and spills happen, and having spare clothing on hand can save the day and ensure that your child remains comfortable throughout the excursion.

Lastly, ensure you have an ample supply of any necessary medications your child requires, and keep a record of details in case you need to refill prescriptions while away.

Speaking about their top tips for traveling with children this summer, General Manager of My Voucher Codes, Chris Reilly, said:

“Holidays are a time for relaxing and recharging, even if you have children, it can be easily achieved by careful planning. We hope our top tips will help parents make sure they are ready for their holiday and that they have everything they need to make it memorable for the whole family.”

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