A Traveller’s Guide to Packing Light

Whether you are travelling for a vacation or a business trip, it is important you pack light. Travelling light saves you money on luggage fees and makes it easier to walk with your luggage. With a light luggage, you will enjoy the new environment without being weighed down by your luggage. A small bag can sit on your lap while travelling on a bus or an airplane. Therefore, you will not have to worry it might get lost when it mixes with other travellers’ luggage. If you are carrying one light bag, it is free to check on most airports overseas.

While travelling to a new city, you will not look like a tourist when you pack light unlike when you travel with heavy luggage. This will give you the freedom to explore the new city without attracting uncalled for attention from scammers. There is no doubt that packing light will save you money and time. You can follow this simple guide to help you pack light.

Avoid last minute packing

When you pack at the last minute, you will not have the time to scrutinize the items you should carry in your bag. Therefore, you will find yourself carrying items you might never use during your trip. Instead of packing during the eve of your scheduled flight, try and pack a few days earlier. Packing early will give you enough time to think about what you might need while travelling.

When packing, ask yourself ‘Do I really need that?’ Image courtesy of https://www.thecanvasfactory.com.au/

Pack like a traveller not a tourist

The biggest mistake that most people make while travelling to a new city is to think like a tourist. Thinking like a tourist will make you pack heavily, which exposes you to thieves. It’s easy to spot tourists walking in big towns because of the heavy luggage they carry. Scammers also take advantage of tourists by overcharging them on commodities they buy. Travelers understand this and they pack lightly to avoid such situations.

The smaller the case, the less you’ll be forced to bring. Image courtesy of https://www.pinterest.com

Carry fewer items

It might sound obvious, but the biggest secret to packing light is carrying less items. Ever heard of the story about the National Geographic writer who travelled the world for six weeks with no luggage? How did he manage it? He carried less items that he needed inside his multi pocketed jacket. That explains how flexible you might be when you carry less items. Never mind about washing your smalls every night or wearing the same clothes day after day. Exercise your judgement and carry only what you need and you will be surprised how light your luggage is.

Do less shopping

While travelling to a new city, it is tempting to buy new things as mementos. This would only make your luggage heavier reducing your flexibility. It may sound crazy but some people even bring an extra suitcase just so they can get more when shopping overseas. But you’re here because you want travelling to new cities to be all about experiences and less shopping. So think about it that way, instead of buying souvenirs, you capture beautiful moments in photos. They take up zero physical space, but make a good memento and if you’re talented, they can even be turned into great gifts (if you get them printed out) when you get home.

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Avoid rolling suitcases

The problem with using rolling suitcases is that we get tempted to carry more items than we should. Also, you cannot wheel them over rough surfaces and if they are heavy, it’s a problem to climb the stairs with them. Choose the right travel backpacks that are easy to carry and secure. To avoid in-flight theft, make sure you can identify your backpack from the rest.

Go tech savvy

Smartphones are lightweight and they serve a lot of purpose, including acting as your travel guide if you use the traveller’s app. If you can read an eBook novel on your smartphone, avoid carrying the actual book while travelling. This will save space in your bag. Because of the quality cameras that modern smartphones come with, they replace the need of carrying digital cameras.

Reduce the toiletries

It doesn’t make sense to carry a whole supply of toiletries in your bag when you can find these items in hotel tourist shops. Only carry the items you will need during your trip and don’t worry about running out of soap or toothpaste. In case you run out of essentials, you will get the opportunity to look for these items and probably create a wonderful experience while shopping. Want to bring your own towel? Opt for something like one of these sand free beach towels that folds up to the size of a burrito, so won’t take up too much space in your bag.

Travelling light means you carry only the things you need during your trip. It doesn’t matter if your trip would last for one week or one month. Carry the same things and avoid what you don’t need. This will save you money and time while making it safe to carry your luggage.


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