Travelling to the United States

The US is a politically, economically and technologically advanced nation that has become a magnet for tourist, business people and academics. From theme parks to colonial landmarks, New York Grand Central Park and The Great Smokey Mountain Park receive millions of visitors every year. To travel to the US, one needs a visa if they are not citizens. However, there is a visa waiver program commonly referred to as ESTA USA, which allows immigrants to stay in the country for the period of 90 days. Individuals traveling under waiver program may also visit Mexico and Caribbean. 38 countries are currently under VWP. Normally, an ESTA application is valid for two years but may be less if one’s visa expires at that time.


Therefore, anyone from the above 38 countries can travel to the United States under this programme. However, there are those who are excluded for example if one is a national of a VWP country and has travelled or has visited Sudan, Iraq, ran and Syria on or after March 1, 2011, except if one went for military or diplomatic reasons while under service of a VWP country. Also, one may not benefit from this programme if he or she has a dual citizenship of the United States and either Syria, Iran, Iraq and Iran.

For one to obtain an ESTA, one must apply for it at least 72 hours before his or her travelling. Moreover, one must be in possession of an individual machine readable passport. If this is absent, then one will be required to obtain a visa instead. Due to enhanced security requirement, international travelers who wish to travel to the United States will, therefore, be necessary to pay an administrative fee. This authorization procedure was put in place by the US authorities so as to secure travel for citizens from authorizes countries who meet the required security standards. It also sieves out from the authorization procedure, those individuals who do not need to go through intense examination so as to enable them entry to the US. The ESTA registration has taken the place of the previous entry form that was provided on ships and airplanes arriving in the US.

After meeting all of the requirements to travel to the United States or neighboring countries like Mexico, one may be spoiled for choice because the country is rich with appealing destinations for tourists from all over the world who tend to book Hotel in Riviera Maya (or wherever they are traveling to) ahead of time. If the travelers do not meet the requirements but have booked a hotel for their stay, they could be at risk of losing their money. So it’s best to start with the pre-requisites first and then move on to other things like booking hotels, hiring chauffeurs, and so on.

Topping the list of tourist destinations on the East Coast is Times Square. It hosts over 39 million visitors each year. It boasts the most bustling square in New York and is famous for its numerous Broadway theatres, great signs, and cinemas. It is rich in all kinds of fun and tours that are very informative to explore the other parts of the city. Activities here include water trips, walking, bus, food, and landmarks.

If we’re talking West Coast, then California is the place to be. There are so many things to see and do in and around California, including visiting the beaches, exploring the national parks, or booking a vineyard excursion with wine tour drivers Sonoma or somewhere else in Napa Valley. It is also a great place for adventure sport enthusiasts, shoppers, and people who want to touch shoulders with Hollywood celebrities.

Beyond that, one of the popular destinations for tourists is Mt. Hood. Mt. Hood is located in Oregon and is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, and climbing. It also boasts some of the most scenic views and landscapes in the country. There are numerous resorts and vacation rentals near Mt Hood Oregon that could be perfect for a weekend getaway.

Another destination is the Grand Canyon. It is carved by the Colorado River and is 1.6 km deep and 446 km long. Although it is not the deepest or the longest worldwide, it is unmatched due to its massive size and the colorful landscapes that offer spectacular scenery for visitors.

The leading destinations are just, but a few .others include the Las Vegas Strip, Yellowstone, Golden Gate Bridge, Niagara Falls, Denali National Park and The National Mall and Memorial Parks. With such vast tourist attraction sites, one just needs to get a US visa or explore the benefits of the VWP programme and be sure to have lots of fun.

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