What are some unexpected things first-time visitors to Switzerland notice?

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe. In fact, it is a country that deserves its own vacation & you’re better off not clubbing it with just another Euro trip and investing in a Switzerland tour package.  


Not only does it have a culture of its own, but not being the most sought after tourist hub in Europe makes for an exciting, sometimes unexpected experiences that first time visitors to Switzerland can enjoy. In addition to the delicious food, museums, and landscape, there are quite a few things that is bound to catch the eye of a traveler to Switzerland.

While most tourist spots are likely to have English speaking people, in general, not many speak English and restaurant and pharmacies as well as transport announcements are in the local language. Even packaging and signage will be in German or French. This is because Switzerland has 4 official languages – not one of them is English! French, German, Italian and Romansh are the four national languages and approximately 65% of the population speaks German.

Another prominent thing that you might notice that the Swiss take going green very seriously. simply tossing something you don’t need any more in the garbage is not taken too kindly. 8 different trashcans can be found in supermarkets and public areas. The due importance given to recycling and cleanliness probably explains why there is such lush expanses of greenery everywhere.

Like most of Europe, the Swiss too are big on punctuality and being polite. It is considered rude to simply walk into a shop and ask for what you want. You are expected to greet the shop owner first with a “Bonjour” before you let them know what you want. This can be adopted a rule of thumb everywhere in Switzerland.

The Swiss people are proud of their country and largely content with how it is run. There is some apparent skepticism of outsiders and foreigners are expected to follow the customs that are set in place. It helps if you can speak one of the local languages and a healthy willingness to conform will go a long way in avoiding confrontation.

Something first timers don’t expect from their Switzerland holiday package is that if you walk around a lot (and it is recommended that you do!), you’ll most likely end up with sunburn, because of the high elevation. Wear sunblock, and walk around!

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