It’s unsullied, it’s unexplored, it’s Slovenia

Lake Bled in Slovenia, though small will take significant amount of time from your Europe tour as its charm wouldn’t let you go away from the place easily. The emerald green waters of the lake would make you think of the definition of being pristine in its own way; such purity is hard to find in any other part of the world. You walk on the shores of the lake and just look at the beauty; it’s ethereal and you will have your soul cleansing moments. The small island at the centre of the lake has a church and you will love the architectural ingenuity of the person who conceived the idea of creating a religious place amidst such pristine surroundings; the scenery itself would make you believe in some extra terrestrial power as such purity is hard to find on earth. The adventure lover in you can also go for horse riding near the lake and feel like a knight riding to care for his subjects. You can also visit Bled Castle nearby and if you look down from the castle, the view you get would be one of the best you would see in the world and it would certainly be a memorable moment of all the destinations you visit as a part of your Europe tour package.

Piran, the resort town on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, is a must visit destination on your Slovenia tour. Once you land there you would feel as if you are in Italy as the architecture and the design is reminiscent of Italy. Though the place is not large in size, the quaintness of it makes it among the most charming places on earth and certainly lures you to spend more time there. The history lover in you would also get satisfaction at the place as the Venetian House and Church of St. George would remind you of the erstwhile era of the city. There are a number of other destinations in Slovenia that you should be a part of your Slovenia tour package including Ljubljana, Triglav National Park, Postojna, Ptuj, Celje, Kranjska Gora, Koper and Maribor.

The novelty of exploring a place that is not explored by many people in your vicinity gives you joy. It’s time you get that joy and book your Europe tour package and include Slovenia in it. As for customizing your package and organizing a hassle free trip for you, SOTC is there at your service.

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