Visiting Barcelona? – Things to See and Do

Before finally making the decision to book your trip to Barcelona, you’ve probably seen about a million guides and more, yet travellers are often met with the reality of not knowing just where to start once they’ve arrived in a popular tourist destination such as Barcelona. No matter how long you’ll be staying really, it’s always a case of so little time so much to do! If you are going to Barcelona to see what it is like as you are being relocated due to work, or you have decided to retire and live in the beauty of this city, then this is a great time to really take it in as a tourist before you become a resident. Just make sure you have consulted with a mortgage calculator expert first to see what property you can purchase to start your new life. However, if you are not lucky enough to actually move there and this is just a vacation for you (for now), then hopefully this guide will help you with navigating this spectacular city.


TIP: Make friends with a local and make sure to befriend a local in a more “natural way.” What I mean by this is just let it happen instead of actively seeking someone out online or something like that. Introduce yourself to someone whom you might be staying at the same place with and that’s about as natural as it can get. Also, it would be better if you befriended a local who’s a resident of Spain, but perhaps someone who comes from another part of the country. That way it’ll make for a great adventure to both explore, with both of you learning something new as you go along.

That about covers the spontaneous part of visiting a city like Barcelona, otherwise there are indeed some pre-planned destination you simply have to visit and some sights you have to see. Miss out on these and it’ll be like you never even went to Barcelona…

Getting In

For your own peace of mind, make use of an airport shuttle service to get in. Barcelona airport transfers are the best way to get into the city because then you’ll be sure you’re going to get dropped right at your destination, while your mind is at ease, leaving enough room for you to kick-start some sightseeing. It may otherwise be a nightmare trying to figure out how the public transport system works, as good as it is. You can take your pick from a wide choice in vehicles, from a private vehicle to perhaps a cheaper bus shuttle.

Getting Around

Airport transfers don’t have to limit you to making use of them from the airport straight to your hotel, although it’s perhaps best not to stay in a hotel if you want a true cultural experience. Otherwise walking is the best way to explore Barcelona, once you’ve got in of course and if you don’t have too far to go.

Do and See

If you’re into football, it goes without saying that you have to explore the Camp Nou, the home of Barcelona football club. Tickets for a match are expensive though and you’ll be lucky to get one, especially if you’ve not bought one in advance, but you could always visit the in-house museum for what’s called the Camp Nou Experience – the tour.

Sightseeing is another favourite of visitors to Barcelona and you have plenty of sights to spy. You can do a guided or non-guided tour. Just make it interesting by first reading up about the many historical sites and buildings. It’s just more fun feeling like you’re “rediscovering” something you at least know a little about.

Sagrada Familia is a must-see, if not only for the freaky look of the architecture, then just for a bit of strange history surrounding a building which has been under constructions for possibly longer than you’ve lived. Yeah, probably! Again, go on a guided tour or admire and photograph it from a distance – it’s up to you.

The entire Plaza de Catalunya alone will give you plenty of options with regards to things to see and do, while the Magic Fountain of Montjic is perhaps worth visiting twice – once during the day and then again for the Night Tour, when the fountain comes alive with colour.

Visit the markets, sample some good street food and perhaps shop for some souvenirs. Whatever it is you want to do and whatever it is you want to see in Barcelona, your initial itinerary will probably not remain static. It’ll grow dynamically as you explore every nook and cranny which likely opens up to just another side of Barcelona.

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