Have The Volcanic Vacation Of Your Life In Lanzarote

Rightly called the Tyterogaka or “the ochre one” in its native language, Lanzarote is the fourth largest of the Canary Islands. Its predominant ochre colour is due to its volcanic origin. In fact it is said to have the largest ever volcanic tunnel found the world over. Inhabited chiefly by people of Spanish origin, this island has loads of sun, sand and sea on offer for tourists.


Places of interest in Lanzarote

This natural beauty offers a wide variety of contrasting wonders of both underwater landscapes as well as lunar phenomena. The dry volcanic ash lands have their thirst quenched by the beautiful palm oasis; the halcyon sands of the volcanic beaches are sharply contracted by the Fire Mountains. These views offer a dramatic backdrop to the white-washed buildings and the holiday resorts. Tourists opting for holidays to Lanzarote, are thus, treated to a fun-filled vacation with marvellous views pleasantly assaulting their senses coupled with the very authentic Spanish flavour of this island. Other natural and man-made things on offer are:

  • Beaches: With an average water temperature of about 19.5 degrees, the aquamarine blue sea offers a temptation few can resist. The gently lapping waves create a soothing background score for the many beaches of Lanzarote to provide ample opportunities for lazy sunbathing, water sports and boat trips. Water surfing and windsurfing here seem like a dream with the spectacular waves of the Playa de las Cucharas beach offering an irresistible pull. The beaches of the Playa Blanca are well-known for their golden sands while the Papagayo has turquoise waters lapping its beaches.
  • Volcanic landscape: More than a hundred volcanoes dot the landscape making for a natural architecture which is pure, spontaneous and mysterious. The Montanas del Fuege present in the Timanfaya National park is a must see as is the amazingly constructed house of Cesar Manrique, made from a collection of quintuplet or five volcanic bubbles. A unique combination of culture and nature has been developed by incorporating a bar, a swimming pool and also a concert hall within the volcano of the Jameos del Agua.
  • Timanfaya National Park: This is home to a wide variety of rocks and plants and needs a guided tour for understanding their origins and formations. The road leading to this park is also a visual treat with the landscape changing its colour from the grey to an amazing pink and then taking on a beautiful golden hue.
  • Guinate Tropical Wildlife Park: Located near the northern part of Lanzarote, it hosts varied species of extremely colourful birds, many animals and reptiles and an amazing underwater experience of aquatic life.
  • Wine Museum: Lanzarote is well-known for its wineries amazingly built over the lava Mountains formed by volcanic eruptions. Hence to ensure that every tourist embarking on holidays to Lanzarote gets to taste its uniquely flavoured wine, there is even a wine museum located in El Grifo. Their age-old cellars also have special seasonal packages on offer for tourists to buy and enjoy.

With cheap packages on offer by most of the tour operators of Lanzarote, visiting and re-visiting this island has now become an achievable dream. Other than seeing the wondrous way in which the inhabitants blend in and harmonise with nature, tourists also get to experience a historical journey which is both amazing and awe-inspiring.

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