Wilderness Adventures in Utah

The USA is such a big place, and both the north and south are so different, as are the east and west. Then there’s the center! How can you explore such a large country, and hone in on one State for a vacation? It can be difficult, and due to the large selection, it can seem impossible at times. Utah, however, is a great place to vacation – whether you’re American or not. There’s a lot to see and do, and you’ll have one of the best times of your life.


Utah has a good reputation for safety and recreational activities, and Forbes has rated it as a great place for business too! It isn’t commerce that’s of interest; it’s the great outdoors and the travel opportunities that are the main attraction.

World Renowned Outdoor Attractions

There are the national parks of Utah like the well-known Zion National Park, but what’s really worth a visit is Bryce Canyon City, previously known as Ruby’s Inn. With so much to see and do, you may need a little guidance. For example, visit the Bryce Canyon City website for travel arrangements, accommodation and ideas on how to explore the great outdoors.

What’s surprising is that the permanent population is just less than two hundred people but, because it commands a stunning location, visitors swell its numbers during all seasons and the typical events that draw them in range from winter festivals, through to the rodeo and organized canyon walks. That being said, if someone wants to settle down in the area after getting charmed by its beauty, that might not be a problem. These individuals can reach out to Utah County home builders who can help them find a home in the vicinity to move into.

Coming back to Bryce Canon City, it offers the traveler all the comforts of a city worthy of the name but, for the discerning explorer, it is the nearby Bryce Canyon National Park that offers the lure of the great outdoors. Surprisingly for the USA (but this is Utah, of course), there’s a superb shuttle that ferries people to the park so the car can be left behind.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Not strictly a canyon, more a collection of gigantic amphitheatres, formed by erosion from frost and water, it is a sight that has to be seen. The structures have an unusual name – hoodoos. The rim of the canyon ranges from eight to nine thousand feet above sea level and is perfect for outdoor activities.

There are plenty of companies offering their services, like all-terrain vehicle rides, horse riding through the canyon trails, mountain bike hire, helicopter rides and much more.


You can’t visit a place like Bryce Canyon National Park without wandering through the amphitheatres, the main geological features of the area. In total, there are fifty miles of marked trails in the park ranging from easy, through moderate to downright strenuous. An easy one is a five hour trek of Rim Trail (anywhere on the rim, as its name suggests) whereas a more challenging walk is the Peekaboo Loop with significant climbing at around four hours.


A joy of the outdoors is to experience it first hand, and there’s no better way to do this than spend time under canvas, camping. The national park has two campsites, part of one open all of the year but most open from spring to autumn. A fantastic feature of the area is that there is little light pollution, so the night sky is a splendour. It’s so good that the Rangers organize night-time star gazing.

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