Writing by the Miles: Today’s Top Apps for Travel Bloggers, Writers and Journalists

As a travel writer, you know how important it is to keep abreast of the weather, manage your time and keep your assignments organized. These days you can make all of this much easier if you have the right combination of mobile apps. Here are a few to help you.

 Weather Live

This Android app for current weather will keep you up to date with conditions outdoors wherever in the world you travel. You can also get an accurate 7-day forecast so you can plan your travel schedule ahead of upcoming weather. Just tap on the icons and you’ll get current temperature, wind speed and direction, air pressure and rain information, weather radar and rain maps, sunrise and sunset times and weather information with animations and graphics. With the user-friendly widget, you can even check the weather without even opening the app. You’ll never get caught out in a storm again.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a versatile suite of programs you can use to keep your writing organized and share with others. It is comprised of a word processing program, a presentation program, a spreadsheet program, and a form creation program. You can upload videos, images and audio files. Because all these applications are cloud-based, you can access your documents from any computer. If you need to collaborate with others, you can share documents and allow them to edit, add to or comment on them. You can easily see who else is working on the documents as well as you. You get 15GB of storage for free. If you need more, you can add more up to 100GB for a small monthly fee.

Trip Journal

This Google Award winning app makes travel blogging much easier. Trip Journal allows you to keep a track of your travels, record each of your destinations, keep notes and add geo-tagged videos and images of your trip. Because the app is integrated with Google Earth, you can let your readers follow your route. Simply export your content to share your travels. You’ll never forget a single moment of your trip.

Travel Pod

Once you’ve registered this app you can create a travel blog which you can update from any of your mobile devices as well as the app’s blogging website. It’s a great blogging platform that’s easy to use, even if you’ve never blogged before. You can do your travel writing on or offline using multiple devices and the app will synchronize all your entries. Your blog posts are displayed in calendar mode and you can add images and share then on Facebook. When you register, you’ll also get access to other travelers and the option to print your blog in a book format. Even if you’re travel schedule is hectic and you don’t have much time to sit down and write about your journey, Travel Pod will help you gather your thoughts.

Using these apps will make your schedule more organized so you have more time to focus on your travel writing.

Adam Ruddles is a digital nomad traveling the world and earning money whilst he does it all thanks to the internet. His articles discuss how to make money online whilst you travel.

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