Young adult travelers: here’s how to travel the world on a budget

Young adults and their millennial mates have redefined travelling as much as how they’ve changed so many other aspects of modern life. Adventurous, fun-loving, frugal, and open-minded, they travel the world in huge numbers. This is made possible by portable jobs that only need a stable internet connection to accomplish their work, which explains why so many people are now researching the cheapest htc internet prices so they are able to carry out these types of tasks online. A few dollars in their pockets are enough to give them the opportunity and flexibility to go see the world while they’re still young and energetic.

Here are some tips you can use to budget better

Many young adults have become savvy about looking for the best deals on just about anything these days using the internet as their gateway to every type of discounts available. There are many travel sites that allow travellers to send a request with restrictions and concessions for anitinerary or flight, which include low cost, willing to layover to save money, etc.

Making the most of every penny and point earned through credit cards is a must for young adult travellers on a budget. The Points Guy, for instance, is a good website for all things related to points, including the types of cards that give the most points, where to spend the points, and how to use points for travel, among many other topics.

Much like internet hitchhiking, BlaBla Car allows you to connect to those with an empty seat in their ride with people looking to get from one place to another on the road.

Where to find affordable lodging

Airbnb hands down is one of the best alternative lodging available anywhere. The huge success of Airbnb, which was founded by 3 young adults in 2011, is a result of the open-minded attitude of travellers and property owners.

You can find options ranging from a modest room in a small home to a villa in Tuscany. There’s definitely something for everyone on Airbnb.

If you’re looking to camp out and meet locals, then camp in my Garden is a great option. This service allows hosts to offer their yards as campsites to travellers, letting them pitch their own tents and conduct activities in a safe environment.

On the other hand, if you’re on a tight budget, hostels are the way to go. You can find hostels just about everywhere in the globe. Check out to start looking for affordable lodgings. Take note that this service is only currently available in Europe.

Cheap yet delicious eating

If you’re looking for a place to stay plus good food to eat in exchange for your work, consider WWOOF, a worldwide organic farming community. The passion is commitment more than a night in a room for rent. WWOOF give you an opportunity to become part of the day-to-day life of your country of choice.

One awesome resource for user reviews and bargain hunting is Trip Advisor, which offers ratings of restaurants and other food establishments based on quality and pricing. Through it, you can find recommendations and personal favourites of people who have recently visited a city or country.

Affordable and comprehensive travel insurance

Young adults are known to be spontaneous and budget-conscious therefore we don’t expect them to get insurance for travel. But they should know that insurances are life’s essential nowadays and can save them flocks of money especially if they travel a lot.

If you live in Australia, then Chubb travel insurance Australia can be your go-to site for cheap and customisable travel insurance. Check them out and get real-time quoting service for your chosen policy.

That’s it! Remember to do an exhaustive research of your chosen travel destination and applying for travel insurance weeks before you travel. Enjoy your trip!


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