Zanzibar Offers a Great Wealth of some of The Nature

Zanzibar offers a great wealth of some of the nature’s best sights and experiences. Whether you’re looking for exotic beaches or adventurous safaris into the East African savannahs, Zanzibar is the place to be for your next holidays.


Located a few miles off the Tanzanian coast, Zanzibar with its cobbled streets, pristine beaches, exotic spices, and delicious local cuisine, is rapidly developing into a tourist hub – and why would it not – it has all the makings of the perfect holiday destination.

Kiwengwa Beach

Considered as one of the best beaches in Zanzibar, Kiwengwa beach is located in the eastern part of Zanzibar and it is a wide, fine beach. The poor, dusty Kiwengwa village is also located here and many beach resorts are situated here as well.

Kendwa Beach

Located at a distance of 3 Kilometres from Nungwi, Kendwa beach is one of the picturesque beaches in Zanzibar. The beach is known for its fine ground shells and white sands, turquoise blue water, beautiful sunsets, and spectacular boating activity. The village of Kendwa is also situated here. Snorkelling activities are famous here.

Paje Beach

Situated off the eastern coast of Zanzibar, Paje beach is home to the Paje village which is about 5 Kilometres in length. It is famous for its white sands, crystal clear turquoise blue waters, and serenity. The beach is the main centre for kitesurfing.

Melia Hotel

Melia is a 5-star luxury beach resort located on the north-eastern coast of Zanzibar and it is around 45 minutes from Zanzibar’s international airport. The resort lies at a short distance of 6 Kilometres from the Kiwengwa caves. It offers different cuisines, accommodations ranging from suites to personal villas, spa, amphitheatre, gym, and extra-curricular activities like snorkelling, diving, and kitesurfing. This is a great area to go diving in, take a look at this guide to diving in Zanzibar here.

Park Hyatt

This 5-star beach resort is ideally placed on the beachfront of old Stone Town; the entire resort has been constructed in a 17th century palace. There is also an annexe located about 8 minutes walk away from the palace of the Sultan. It features a restaurant and an outdoor pool.

Emerson Spice

This hotel and restaurant is situated in Stone Town on the western coast of Zanzibar. It has been constructed in a merchant’s old mansion; there’s a cafe, 12 stylish rooms, and a spectacular rooftop restaurant.

The Rock

This restaurant, called The Rock,  is actually perched on top of a large rock in the Indian Ocean; during a high tide, you have to take a boat ride to reach the restaurant, while in a low tide, you can walk towards it. It has a traditional construction and inside, there are 12 comfortable tables for dining. It is famous for its seafood including homemade lobster, fish carpaccio, prawn, calamari, and eggplant.

Luxury Safari in Tanzania

A safari is a great way to relax, unwind, and witness the beautiful African landscapes, along with the diverse and exotic wildlife present in the Serengeti National Park and the Selous Game Reserve. The rare opportunity to embark upon a life-changing and breathtaking safari is a unique one; hotels in Zanzibar and offer authentic, competitive, and highest quality holiday packages that not only meet your expectations, but go beyond them.

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